4 Things You Won’t See Rani Mukerji Do

Over numerous conversations, the Mrs. Chatterjee Vs Norway actress discussed her past roles, family life and what keeps her going
4 Things You Won’t See Rani Mukerji Do

Since her Bollywood debut in 1997, Rani Mukerji has played an enviable variety of roles. She's romanced Shah Rukh Khan in a chiffon sari, railed against the frustrations of being visually challenged and played cricket as a Punjabi girl disguised as a man. The numerous accolades that come her way prove there's no role she can't essay. However, when Film Companion spoke to her, she revealed the 4 things you absolutely won't see her doing.

1. Sign up for social media

I'm not on social media. I've chosen not to be on social media because I don't think I'm capable of doing that. I don't think I'm capable of posting my personal images or that of my family's. Of course, my images are all out there and people have the right to comment on it. But I wouldn't be comfortable posting a picture of my daughter or posting a picture of me sitting in my house and saying, "Oh I'm just having a chill time right now." Or just being on a road trip or being on a flight and saying, "Oh I'm taking a flight right now." I just can't do these things.

2. Work with her husband

I would love to work with my husband (Aditya Chopra). But I don't think he wants to work with me. He just feels that on the first day on set we might just have a fight. I'll walk out and he'll walk out and then there will be no film.

3. Won't do a film till she feels challenged 

I would like to do one film a year. But again, I don't want to do a film because that's the only film offered to me in that year. I want to do a film that I want to do, which gives me a kick. I want to show my fans a different aspect of me and that's a challenge always. Just the ability to keep challenging yourself with a character – I think that keeps me going as an actor. So yes, I would like to do one film a year but if I don't get a script or an opportunity like that offered to me in that year, I might not do it.

4. Reprise her old roles

Every 10 years, there is a shift in youth. So, when I did Kuch Kuch Hota Hai the kids who saw me when they were say five or six are about 20 today. So you have to keep working and you have to keep honing your craft according to what the youngsters are liking today. In India, we are getting exposed to a lot of foreign-language films, westernised films, and you're getting to see great work from actors across the globe. So it's not just limited to just seeing your contemporaries only. You're also getting compared to say, someone from Hollywood or someone from Israel or from Iran. So what I did 20 years ago, I can't do today. The way the scenes or the dialogues or the script is written or what the audience is expecting out of you is very different from what I did 20 years back. I have to keep upgrading myself or updating myself in a way to understand that am I hamming.

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