Neelavelicham Releases Tomorrow, Here Are 4 Intriguing Things Its Star Tovino Thomas Has Revealed In Our Interviews

There is a fun and frothy vibe about Neelavelicham and the film’s hero Tovino Thomas is equally cool, let’s take a look at some of the fascinating nuggets shared by the actor
Neelavelicham Releases Tomorrow, Here Are 4 Intriguing Things Its Star Tovino Thomas Has Revealed In Our Interviews

Khalid Rahman's Thallumaala trailer starring Tovino Thomas and Kalyani Priyadarshan releases today. Ever since the 'Kannil Pettole' song from the film featuring the lead pairs was out in May, there has been a certain curiosity about the film. 

Composed by Vishnu Vijay, the song is a wonderful dance number, with the rap part keeping you hooked. But what piques the interest was the get-ups and different looks of Tovino and Kalyani. Tovino recently took to Instagram to share his experience playing Wazim in the film.

He wrote, "While I truly enjoy getting into characters that demand a very poised, graceful and sometimes even gritty body language, there is something extremely liberating about doing movies where you get to go all out and just have a lot of fun. Wazim is all that and so much more," he says, adding, "Sit back, relax and get ready to go on a roller coaster ride with Thallumaala soon. Till then, continue grooving to the killer track you guys seem to be having a blast with!"

Here are 4 interesting things said by the Thallumaala actor in some of his interviews with Film Companion

Loved Tovino's looks in Thallumaala posters? It's quite fascinating to see him don different looks for each film. He says he likes to have different looks for his films and that it helps him get into the character. 

Each actor has a certain method of acting, and for Tovino, experimenting with different looks works the best. In an interview with Baradwaj Rangan, he says, " I try and experiment looks in every movie. When I make changes for every movie and wake up every day and look into the mirror I see the character and not myself. I keep doing something. I lose weight, I put on weight, I grow the beard, I can ever grow my eyebrow. In Kala, if you notice, my beard is very long. I don't know if that happens to everyone, but it happens to me. If I do not trim my eyebrows, it will grow even longer. For Kala, I thought a longer eyebrow would suit the character more. Whenever I looked into the mirror, I saw Shaji and not me. It is one of my tricks which helps me get into the character."

The actor is known for the different kinds of roles he plays, but have you wondered what could be his secret mantra? He says it's his perfume!

In the same interview, Tovino revealed that each character of his has a particular perfume. "I use the same perfume throughout the movie. If I am using one particular perfume on the first day of the shoot, I will use the same perfume throughout the movie. I believe that our memory and smell have a major role to play. Whenever I smell a book, my mind goes back to my LKG days. I believe it is helping me get into the skin of the character. During Mayanadhi, I wouldn't go for a strong perfume as the character was soft. For Kala, I wouldn't mind going for a strong perfume as the character is intense with mud all over his shirt. It will also make other actors comfortable as he can stay away from my sweat," he added. 

Did you know that Tovino wanted to play the role of antagonist Selvan (played originally by Guru Somasundaram) in Minnal Murali? Here is how the director Basil Joseph convinced him to play Murali. 

When Anupama Chopra asked Tovino how he got convinced, he says, "Basil gave me two reasons. First was when he said, "I will have to find someone else who will pull off the superhero character and I have sequels also lined up." Then I said if he had a Minnal Murali 2 planned then I had to play Minnal Murali. (laughs) 

I was flattered by another reason he gave me. He said "Humour and physique is a rare combination. I want my character to be physically fit and be able to handle humour." He said, right now, he couldn't find a replacement for this character apart from me. I loved the compliment!" 

Be it the Marvel Universe Spiderman or Kerala's very own Minnal Murali, wearing a superhero suit came with its own drawbacks.

Talking about the first time he wore the costume, the Minnal Murali superhero said, "When I had to urinate, I had to hold for hours. I was actually wearing this full-body suit, it wasn't CGI or motion capture. So, it was not so electrifying. (laughs) But, when I did the costume trials, I went and stood in front of this glass window. It was in Mumbai. I looked at the city and I felt like a superhero."  

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