10 Lines To Remember From Director Puri Jagannadh’s Podcasts

Puri Jagannadh, the Telugu film director with a number of hits to his name such as Badri, Itlu Sravani Subramanyam, Amma Nanna O Tamila Ammayi and Pokiri, besides the recent super hit iSmart Shankar, has started his own podcast, covering various topics. He discusses issues such as success, humanity, fear and guilt. Here are 10 lines to remember from his podcasts: 


Being successful doesn’t mean being a star. Working hard and being passionate about the work you love doing is being successful. 


Humanity is an invisible weapon that was invented by humans to save us from ourselves.


Stagnation because of fear is cowardice. Taking a step forward in spite of fear is courage. 

Friends and Acceptance

Accept every person’s strengths and flaws. This kind of acceptance can be seen only amongst friends. Set all your relationships in friendship mode and your life gets better.


Whatever you do in life, do it in moderation. Eat, drink, play, work, exercise, laugh, love, cry, study and learn in moderation. Don’t do anything in excess, be it good or bad. 


Equip you kids with two things – awareness and individuality. They learn what’s good and what’s bad if they are aware of the world. Individuality helps them make their own decisions. They should have such a level of individuality that they should be able to say ‘no’ even to us parents when we tell them certain things. Let them make their own decisions. Parents don’t want kids to suffer what they have endured. But we should let them struggle and earn themselves. 

Social Media

The disadvantages of social media outweigh its advantages. A rule must be imposed asking to link the person’s Aadhar card to their account. Only then will people think before they post. 


In life, things don’t always go our way. Contrary to people’s belief, simplicity means accepting your present, not living in poverty. It is nothing but letting go of things that are unnecessary.


This world is like a big book. If you have lived your whole life in the place that you’ve been born and brought up, it means you’ve only read one page of this book. Read as many pages as you can. Travel as much as you can.


Our teachers in school taught us how to speak, read and write. But nobody taught us how to listen. No religion speaks about listening. Listening is a skill. The concept of mounavratham was introduced to develop this skill. We’re all inefficient listeners. The reason behind all my podcasts being very short is because of this inefficiency. I will stop speaking before you want to stop listening. We have to take care to maintain our listening skills as we age, because all the conflicts in the world are nothing but misunderstandings.

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