“I’m writing this story based on incidents from my life. And I write this so you realise how blessed you are,” says Amudhavan, the character played by Mammootty in the film directed by Ram.

The two-minute-fifteen-second trailer paints a very different picture from the impression created by the soothing songs, posters and teaser that was launched earlier.

The quick cuts of the trailer creates a sense of urgency usually reserved for thrillers alone. As a result, it gives away precious little in terms of plot or story line. Yet, a sobbing Mammootty, Anjali holding a knife and a very promising Sadhana (the child artiste from Thanga Meengal) is sure to create a lot of curiosity around the February release. Several arresting visuals, like that of a spilled nail polish bottle and that of a car accident make for an intriguing first impression.

Ram had earlier directed critically-acclaimed films such as Kattradhu Thamizh and Thanga Meengal. The film is the director’s fourth consecutive collaboration with composer Yuvan Shankar Raja.

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The film also sees Mammootty in a straight Tamil film (Street Lights and Vandae Mataram were bilinguals) after 2004’s Vishwa Thulasi , though a Malayalam version of the film was planned. The film had earlier released a teaser in which Mammootty’s character can be seen curling his fingers and walking with a limp when he realises the trouble his differently-abled daughter goes through.

Peranbu, which means compassion, premiered at the International Film Festival Rotterdam last January.

Watch the trailer here:


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