Pyaar Prema Kaadhal (PPK) is a quintessential love story directed by debutant Elan, with Harish Kalyan and Raiza in the lead roles. Both of them were popular contestants in the first season of Bigg Boss. Their chemistry and comfort levels work to the film’s advantage in a big way.

What works
  • Within the usual romance space, director Elan includes elements like a bold live-in relationship and premarital sex. The heroine is characterised as someone who is practical and career-oriented. She calls the shots in the relationship. This is novel for Tamil films, in which the man is usually shown as the dominant partner.
  • Raiza is convincing in her film debut. She has the looks, style and the emoting skills to go a long way.
  • The film is a step-up for Harish, who is adorable and energetic. His ‘mama’s boy’ vibe will connect with a majority of the youth and enable him to emerge as a strong favorite.
  • Producer Yuvan Shankar Raja dishes out peppy love songs which are likely to stay on playlists for a long time. ‘High on Love’ and ‘Dope Track’ have been filmed aesthetically by the director and DoP Raja Bhattacharjee. The film, as a whole, bears a cool, ‘designer’ look.
  • The director has cast actors like Rekha, Pandian (Raja Rani) and Anand Babu (veteran legend Nagesh’s son) to good effect. The relationship between Anand Babu and Raiza may remind you of the ‘Raja Rani’ track between Sathyaraj and Nayanthara. Munishkanth plays the hero’s friend / love guru, and gets his moments too.
What doesn’t
  • The usual cliches associated with the romance genre like love at first sight, relationship conflicts and the drama between the lead pair, are a part of PPK as well.
  • A feeling of repetition might set in due to the tried-and-tested nature of the proceedings. The film is slow to pick up.
Final Word: PPK is an endearing musical love story which transcends the usual cliches and offers a refreshing viewing experience. The target youth audience ought to like it.

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