Exclusive: Mani Ratnam To Make A Film with Vijay and Ajith

After Ponniyin Selvan 2, Ratnam plans to make a film starring both Vijay and Ajith
Exclusive: Mani Ratnam To Make A Film with Vijay and Ajith

While we await the release of Mani Ratnam's magnum opus Ponniyin Selvan 2, we found an exclusive bit of news that got us all excited. After the PS series of films, Ratnam plans his next outing starring both Vijay and Ajith. Although other details of the said project is kept under wraps, take a look at the script we were given.

The Duel

Fade In:


The bustling city of Chennai is alive with the sounds of traffic and people as we follow two men, VIJAY and AJITH, walking towards each other on a crowded street.

VIJAY, a well-dressed businessman, is walking briskly with a sense of urgency. AJITH, a rugged and scruffy-looking man, is walking slowly, taking in the sights and sounds around him.

As they approach each other, their eyes meet, and there is an instant recognition between them.

VIJAY: (sternly) Ajith!

AJITH: (smiling wryly) Vijay!

VIJAY: What brings you here?

AJITH: Business, Vijay. Same as you.

VIJAY: (sarcastically) I doubt that.

AJITH: (smiling) You know me too well.

VIJAY: (angrily) I know you too well, Ajith. And I know what you're capable of.

AJITH: (calmly) You don't know everything, Vijay.

VIJAY: (threateningly) I know enough to make sure you stay out of my way.

AJITH: (defiantly) I'm not afraid of you, Vijay.

VIJAY: (smirking) You should be.

Suddenly, the sounds of a commotion catch their attention, and they turn to see a group of men running towards them, wielding weapons.

Exclusive: Mani Ratnam To Make A Film with Vijay and Ajith
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VIJAY: (drawing his own weapon) Looks like we're going to have to work together, Ajith.

AJITH: (smiling) I was hoping you'd say that.

The two men stand back to back as the attackers surround them. With swift and skilled movements, they take out their opponents one by one.

As the dust settles, Vijay and Ajith exchange a look of mutual respect.

VIJAY: (nodding) You're not so bad, Ajith.

AJITH: (smiling) You're not so bad yourself, Vijay.

VIJAY: (offering his hand) Truce?

AJITH: (shaking his hand) Truce.

The two men walk off in opposite directions, knowing that they will meet again, but next time, they may not be so lucky.

Fade Out.

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