Baradwaj Rangan Answers Your Questions On Naachiyaar

Our FC South editor responds to the questions and comments on the latest film by writer-director Bala
Baradwaj Rangan Answers Your Questions On Naachiyaar

Naachiyaar is a 2018 Tamil action drama film written, produced and directed by Bala. The film featured Jyothika in the titular role, with G. V. Prakash Kumar and Ivana in other leading roles. It features music composed by Ilaiyaraaja and cinematography by Eashwar.

Here are a few questions asked by audiences on our social media handles.

Naachiyaar is a different movie by Bala! How impactful did he want the movie to be with a topic like this and still make the run time short as 1hr 40min? Does this focus on the sharp and smart screenplay or the editing? – Aishu V

It's difficult to say, because editing is not just about the reduction of screentime. It's not like if the movie is long it's been badly edited or if the movie is short it's been well edited. I think it's just the screenplay storgany they had to tell and they told it well. Actually if you look at it, most Tamil films are about 90 to 105 mins long, so 1 and a half hour to 1 hour 45 mins you can finish it off. It's because there is so much extra padding that it become two hours plus and I'm very sure in a few years the running time is gonna come down.

Sir I thought the humour in the 1st half and the interval block twist was well done! But I thought the 2nd half was underwhelming in terms of writing. – Rajesha

Yes, the humour is always good in a Bala film, that's very surprising because he for a person who's dark most of the time, he writes great humour.

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