1. First things first, Darbar is obviously a cop movie. Rajinikanth returns to playing a police officer in Tamil after the legendary Alex Pandian character in Moondru Mugam (the only exception being Pandian); that was way back in 1982. But why did he take so long? From the poster, one can make out Rajini is going to play a senior police officer sporting the IPS badge. He could even be the top-cop brought in to teach people a few lessons, ala Srinivasan (Mohanlal) in Company.

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2. The other obvious deduction is the Mumbai setting. If the two towers in Kabali resembled the two horns for a devil-like gangster, here the Gateway of India rests on top of his head, like a crown. Looks like Bhiku Matre is no longer the King of Mumbai. Turn the poster upside down and Mumbai is even written in cursive along with the backdrop of Mumbai’s iconic skyline. Mumbai’s map too can be seen on the top left of the poster with a few blood stains on it.

3. “You decide whether you want me to be good, bad or worse.” A punch line in the poster itself and we couldn’t be more excited. What will that sound like in Tamil, that too when Rajini says it. We can only wait!

4. You replace Rajini’s face with a skull and the two guns with bones and you get the danger symbol. Add the term “Caution” written in the background and we know that there are certain lines we should never cross with him. Tread cautiously!

5. This might sound a little “out there” but the gun pointing to the left resembles a flag, that too a red one. Apart from the obvious “red flag”, can this also double up as a kind of communist imagery? The guns, seen in this context, may even be the hammer and the sickle; another tool at his disposal. Given that AR Murugadoss found communism even with reference to idlis, this idea might not be too out there after all.


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