Storm in a teacup


The film is about a newly-married couple’s drama-filled argument which starts with an innocuous request of making tea. The tea-making process acts as a window to the wife’s changing forms of anger which morphs from the silent treatment, passive aggression, simmering anger to the eventual fit of fury.

Storm In A Teacup, Film Companion

Other info:
● Storm in a Teacup has played at the Oz International Film Festival in Melbourne, Australia
● It has also won runner-up in the audience choice award at the Lakeshorts Film Festival, in Toronto, Canada

Name Character
Manasi Rachh Aditi
Prabuddh Dyma Varun
Director of Photography Tribhuvan Babu
Casting Director Shaaricast (Shaarika Pandit)
Music Director Rajesh Ravi
Production & Location Courtesy Vishwam Parelkar
Sound Designer Bigyna Dahal
Assistant Director Krutika Mody
Art Director Dhiristi Bakshi
Make-up & Hair Preeti Nath Mathur
Camera and Attendants Siddhivinayak Vision
Colorist Swapnil Patole
Colour Assistants Preeti Nath Mathur
Lighting Team Shashi & Co
Creative Producers Shaarika, Rajesh & Krutika
Writer / Director / Producer / Editor Shreyas GT


Rahul Desai In Conversation With Shreyas Govindarajan

Rahul Desai In Conversation With Shreyas GovindarajanWatch Rahul Desai in conversation with Shreyas Govindarajan the director of #StormInATeacup, the first film in our #SundayShowcase series! Find out what went into making the intrinsic sound design, the cinematic design and the very relatable characters. Curation partners: White Wall Screenings

Posted by Film Companion on Tuesday, May 5, 2020

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