Streaming Calendar: 20 Movies And Shows To Watch Out For In November

From Martin Scorsese's magnum opus to more Little Things, here are our picks of what’s releasing this month across platforms
Streaming Calendar: 20 Movies And Shows To Watch Out For In November

These days it feels like a real challenge to keep up with what's dropping when on which platform, with new show announcements popping up all the time. That said, November promises to be yet another exciting month in the world of streaming with a wide range of stories. From Martin Scorsese's magnum opus to more Little Things, here are our picks of what's releasing this month across platforms.



When: November 1st 

The biggest Bollywood film to have got a straight-to-Netflix release comes from Dharma Productions with an Italian Job-style heist flick which stars Sushant Singh Rajput and Jacqueline Fernandez. Why Drive has been relegated to streaming remains to be seen. Either way, expect lots of cars and hordes of attractive people.

The Irishman

When: November 27th

Arguably the most talked-about Netflix original film ever, The Irishman is a testament to the platform's commitment to auteurs and cinema and putting its money where its mouth is for projects the studio system has chosen to disregard. The 3-hour plus magnum opus from the Martin Scorsese reunites acting legends Robert DeNiro, Al Pacino and Joe Pesci and we certainly can't wait.

Little Things: Season 3

When: November 9th

Dice Media's beloved teen romantic drama continues it's run in the big leagues following last season's Netflix acquisition. Everyone's favourite couple Kavya and Dhruv return once again for more feels, fights and giving us major #CoupleGoals.

House Arrest

When: November 15th

The latest Netflix Indian original film stars Mirzapur couple Ali Fazal and Shriya Pilgaonkar in an unlikely comedy about a man who wants to be cut off from the world in his solitary apartment (think Trapped with a comedic twist). Enter a journalist, played by Pilgaonkar, who helps open his mind to new possibilities. Let's just hope this does something for Netflix India's thus far forgettable track record of original films.

The Crown Season 3

When: November 17th 

The runaway success that few saw coming, The Crown returns to give us a further peek behind the luxury curtains of the elusive British monarchy. Following Claire Foy's celebrated performance as Queen Elizabeth II, this season will see the inimitable Oliva Coleman take over the royal reigns playing the Queen at a later stage in life.

The Brand New Show

When: November 

Netflix launches a comedy variety show with a bunch of cool young creators exclusively for …YouTube? No doubt aimed at promoting their new shows, the SNL style comedy show promises a new host every episode providing a mix of stand up, sketches and interviews. An interesting idea and we're certainly on board. Anything to up the current YouTube promotion game which largely consists of repetitive 'If Ganesh Gaitonde was an engineer'-style sketches.

Almost Sanskari – Neeti Palta's Stand Up Special

When: November 7th 

Comedian Neeti Palta becomes the latest comic to get her own Amazon special making her the second female comic on the platform after Anu Menon earlier this year (many of the male comics already have two). Palta's special has her sharing personal stories from her childhood.

The Report

When: November 29th

Adam Driver continues his streak of being in essentially every movie this year from indies to romantic dramas to killing zombies to fighting Skywalkers in space and beyond. Based on true events, this thriller sees him as FBI agent Daniel Jones who performed an exhaustive investigation into the CIA's use of torture on suspected terrorists in the aftermath of 9/11.

Jack Ryan Season 2

When: November 1st

In a world where we're all adjusting to the new John Krasinksi as action star and sought after horror director, he returns with season 2 of the series which sees him as the analyst who kicks ass. Based on Tom Clancy's book series of the same name, this season will see the main man uncover a far-reaching conspiracy in South America.

One Child Nation 

When: November 8th

After becoming a mother, a filmmaker uncovers the untold history of China's one-child policy and the generations of parents and children forever shaped by this devastating social experiment. From award-winning documentarian Nanfu Wang, the film sets out to uncover one shocking human rights violation after another – from abandoned newborns to forced sterilizations to government abductions.

His Dark Materials

When: November 5th 

Much like Watchmen, His Dark Materials sees HBO take another swing at popular novels whose big-screen adaptation received a tepid response by turning them into series. This time around it's adapting Philip Pullman's award-winning trilogy of the same name. Based in a fantastical world of monsters and magic, His Dark Materials follows Lyra, a seemingly ordinary young woman whose search for her kidnapped friend uncovers a sinister plot involving stolen children. Also…there's a giant talking polar bear.

The Kid Who Would Be King

When: November 16th

Old-school magic meets modern-day adventure in the latest from director Joe Cornish (Attack The Block). The film follows a seemingly average kid, Alex, who discovers the legendary Excalibur and sets out on a quest with his friends to become knights and join the wizard Merlin (Patrick Stewart) to fight the wicked Morgana (Rebecca Ferguson).


When: November 8th

Outside of Little Things on Netflix, Dice Media will also be releasing it's first Facebook-exclusive shows. Starring Nakul Mehta and Archana Kavi, the series follows a dysfunctional couple, who introduced to a revolutionary new technology called BAE Control using which they can control each others' emotions using a mobile app. So..Black Mirror meets Little Things? Most interesting.

Virgin Bhaskar

When: November 19th 

The Hindi original series is based on adult novelist Bhaskar Tripathi who writes erotic novels despite being a virgin. ALTBalaji's latest comedy follows his adventures in churning out new stories whilst engaging in various escapades to lose his virginity.

Broken…But Beautiful Season 2

When: November 27th

Vikrant Massey. What more do you need to know? Okay, fine. The second season of the ALTBalaji romantic drama follows the lives of Veer and Sameera (Harleen Sethi) after they've decided not to be together to understand whether they are, in fact, meant to be.

Love Sleep Repeat

When: November 7th

Starring Anshuman Malhotra, Priyal Gor and Raima Sen among others, the story revolves around a man who travels to Pune and comes across seven different women in seven days, each of whom teaches him a lesson on love.

Police Diary 2.0

When: November 1st (New episode every Friday)

Meet Tamizh, a DSP with a track record of solving the toughest cases. Expect another testosterone-fulled larger than life police procedural.


When: November 21st

The Hyderabad-set Telugu original series is based on the murky world of cricket betting and is centred on two couples attempting to outsmart each other and make a quick buck.

Shaadi Fit

When: November 15th

Mandira Bedi and Neeraj Gaba serve as mentors in this reality show aimed at assessing whether 4 young couples are ready to take the plunge into marriage. There's celebrity trainers and life coaches and a series of intensive tests and trials to see if they're marriage ready.


When: November 29th

TVF's Jitendra Kumar and Akansha Thakur star as a married couple whose lives get turned upside down when they have an unexpected guest.

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