Sita Ramam Trailer Is Out And Here Are 4 Interesting Things We’ve Learnt About Dulquer Salmaan In Our Interviews

Sita Ramam hits the theatres on August 5. As we await its release, here are some interesting takeaways from Dulquer Salmaan’s interviews with Film Companion
Sita Ramam Trailer Is Out And Here Are 4 Interesting Things We’ve Learnt About Dulquer Salmaan In Our Interviews

Dulquer Salmaan's Sita Ramam is the story of a period romance set in the 60s, told through the journey of Afreen, a determined young woman who digs up the love story, 20 years later. The makers released the film's trailer today and the film promises a magical romance filled with suspense and thrill. This romantic thriller, also starring Mrunal Thakur and Rashmika Mandanna, is all set to be released on August 5 in Telugu, Tamil, and Malayalam. As we await the release of the film, we revisit Dulquer Salmaan's interviews with Film Companion, and here are our 4 key takeaways. 

On the Burden of Being A Superstar's Son

Being a star kid is not as glossy as one thinks. Dulquer Salmaan did not have it easier either. While the pressure is much less now, he said, "the burden growing up was that I just didn't want to fail in anything I did. Not just about being an actor. He's (Mammootty) always led by example. In so many ways, I just wanted to make sure I make him proud."

"For the number of days I spent promoting my Hindi film, I would have shot a new movie"

Dulquer Salmaan promoted his Hindi films Karwaan and The Zoya Factor on several shows, and found the process to be very different from how the Malayalam industry functions. When asked if it was a culture shock, he jokingly said that he would have shot for a new movie in the days he spent promoting his Hindi films. During his promotion for The Zoya Factor, he told Anupama Chopra, "I did this round for Karwaan so I am better prepared. But for the first time, it's a blitz, with so many things at the same time and I was like I am just saying the same things again. I have to come up with new things or make them more interesting. But it's also fun." 

On Becoming A Producer

Most actors take up production after a point, but the Sita Ramam hero says his reasons are a little different from others. He said, "I love languages and I love to explore different characters in Tamil, Telugu, or Hindi. Because of this sort of greed or love for other languages, I do want to continue doing work in Tamil and Telugu. At the same time, I still want to be a part of all the amazing cinema that we are doing in Malayalam. So you can call me greedy or whatever it is, but I want to try and be everywhere, which is my thought behind the production."

On Solo and its failure

In an interview with Anupama Chopra, Salmaan admitted that the failure of Bejoy Nambiar's Solo, which was released in October 2017, hurt him most. He said, "I worked really hard on that film and I genuinely believed in it. That's okay, because all of us actors work hard on our films. They work, don't work – it's not in our control. In the case of Solo, I felt like it just made them (the audiences) awkward. I felt like on the first day, this was being killed and it wasn't being given a chance. And that kind of hurt me. It was didn't give it a fair chance. I don't care if you don't like it – that's fine. Give it a chance. I felt like it didn't even get to breathe."

"If it doesn't scare me, I start worrying"

Following up on his response to Solo, when asked whether the instance has made him afraid of taking chances again, he said he still wanted to do "different" films. "Fortunately, I think what works in our favor is the number of films we do. I do three to five a year. I feel like because of the volume of the films, if this doesn't work, I have other films. I keep thinking it will work out. Law of averages. I do want to still take risks, I don't want to play it safe. If it doesn't scare me, then, I start worrying," he said. 

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