Shah Rukh Khan On Letterman Is Expectedly Witty And An Emotional Dad

The actor speaks about spending as much time as possible with his kids. He also answers the big question about Aryan's Bollywood debut
Shah Rukh Khan On Letterman Is Expectedly Witty And An Emotional Dad

Shah Rukh Khan on Netflix's My Next Guest Needs No Introduction, reminds us why we all love him even when we don't love his movies – his sharp wit and self-deprecating humour. Almost every smart quip was met with loud cheers and claps from a largely Indian audience. Early on in the show, he says, "Halfway through my career I realised I'm not half as talented as people think I am." At another point, he says he must be a bad actor because his mother passed away a day after she saw a video of his performance. 

There's not much information here that will come as a big surprise to his Indian fans. We all know the story about how he met wife Gauri Khan or the early loss of his parents. Also, we don't get any insight into what the star is dealing with right now and his break from the movies. But here's why it works – the show gives us a glimpse into the SRK at home. It's not often that we see the star do mundane things like operating the mixer in his kitchen or dice chicken. But what stood out in this interview is his how passionately he spoke about fatherhood. Speaking about losing both his parents by the time he was 15, Khan said he decided that he will live a long life and spend as much time as possible with his kids. He adds that fatherhood has made him kinder and gentler. Later he talks about spending a few hours in prison for roughing up a journalist in the early days of his career.  

Khan says he learnt to cook precisely 3 Italian dishes for his kids, he studies with them, and discusses everything with them. But he hates giving his daughter relationship advice, and especially despises choosing presents for her boyfriend. Khan also answers the big question tabloids have been speculating on for years now – Aryan's big Bollywood debut. "My son doesn't want to act. And I don't think he can… I don't think he has what it takes and he realises it himself. But he's a good writer," he says.

As we all know from decades of watching SRK interviews, he's undoubtedly the most entertaining storyteller. They're some great nuggets in this interview too, especially one involving riding a horse for Asoka. Hopefully, the book he's been promising for years also sees the light of day soon. 

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