The last couple of weeks have been a harrowing time for the fans of Prabhas. The makers of the actor’s latest action adventure, Saaho, turned a deaf ear to their requests and threats and this made them all the more furious. They turned their collective anger toward making hilarious memes.

All they wanted was a teaser. A few stills and posters would have worked as well. They would have burst firecrackers had the makers (UV Creations) announced a release date. But that won’t happen anytime soon as the film is still under production. Even the teaser that has hit YouTube on the star’s birthday doesn’t feature many scenes from the movie – it’s a “making teaser” from its Abu Dhabi schedule.

It introduces us to the key crew (Madhie, the director of photography, Sabu Cyril, the production designer, RC Kamal Kannan, the VFX Supervisor, and Sujeeth, the writer-director) and cast (Shraddha Kapoor and Arun Vijay) members. The team has been filming Saaho for more than a year now and it looks like the shoot will go on for a few more months at least. Of course, for a movie of this budget, extensive planning and insurmountable patience are basic requirements.

The Baahubali Mashup video that was released for the star’s birthday is a notch better, for it gives us a chance to take us on a nostalgic ride. Since the teaser for Saaho doesn’t give us too much information about the movie, here’s a list five movies – not including the Baahubali series – from Prabhas’s filmography that one should watch. These movies are entertaining and you’ll see how Prabhas has grown from a soft-spoken, reticent actor to a multi-lingual star with a massive fan-base:


Varsham is Prabhas’s first true-blue blockbuster romance drama. The movie has some amazing songs and Trisha is at her best here. This is also the first film where Prabhas loosens himself and goes with the flow of the script.


Chatrapathi, directed by S. S. Rajamouli, turned the actor into a star overnight. His popularity shot up drastically and, though, his role as a savior wasn’t all that new in Telugu cinema, he managed to become a household name with this movie. For many years to come, Varsham and Chatrapathi would become his calling card (they still are)


The cool sets and locales added flavour to Prabhas’s stylish avatar. Most of the remakes of the 1978 Hindi movie, Don, starring Amitabh Bachchan in the lead have become hits, and this Telugu version is no different.


Prabhas stepped away from the action hero image he had been tagged with, for Darling and Mr. Perfect, and his decision to do so was welcomed with heart-eyes. Darling, in particular, gave him a new set of fans.


Mirchi has lots of action, romance, masala (a typical ingredient in the genre), and a message that doesn’t seem like it has been taken from a social science text book. This is the last film that he starred in, in the pre-Baahubali phase.


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