Director: Sujeeth


Cast: Prabhas and Shraddha Kapoor

Saaho Movie First Day First Impression: Saaho Is What You Get When You Stretch A Thums Up Ad Into A Three-Hour Film

Here are 10 key takeaways from watching the Tamil version of Sujeeth’s film.


Saaho Movie Review: A Film That’s More Interested In Twists And Stylish Action Sequences Over Story And Character

Any thriller needs to have a focused and coherent script that makes the action seem inevitable. Sujeeth’s script does the exact opposite. It seems like a story is written around the high-tech machinery and VFX says Sankeertana Varma. Read the full review here.


Saaho Movie Review: Both Bizarrely Complicated And Incredibly Silly

The budget is a reported 350 crores but for the viewer there’s little bang for the buck says Anupama Chopra. Read the full review here.


Saaho Movie Review: A Boring Action Thriller That Keeps Chasing Its Own Tail

Saaho has people who think they’re the cat’s whiskers in a story that thinks it is up for the Science Nobel Prize says Rahul Desai. Read the full review here.


Prabhas & Shraddha Kapoor Interview with Anupama Chopra | Saaho | Film Companion

Watch this space for movie reviews, interviews and other updates from Saaho.

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