Trailer of Vijay Babu and Rohini Starrer Valatty Out

Produced by Friday Film House, ‘Valatty - Tale of Tails’ narrates a love story about dogs
Trailer of Vijay Babu and Rohini Starrer Valatty Out

In the trailer of Valatty, which narrates an adventurous love story of dogs, we see Tomy (Vijay Babu’s dog) looking for the perfect partner. He meets Amalu, the family dog of an IPS officer, and they fall in love against all odds. Their sweet love story gets complicated when they elope to find a home on the streets and face a group of people trying to kill off all street dogs by hook or crook. 

The dogs talk and emote in this one-of-a-kind film, written and directed by Devan. Apart from the cute four-legged stars of the film, the cast includes Vijay Babu, Rohini and a host of actors like Indrans and Aju Varghese who have lent their voices. It is produced by Friday Film House which has backed hit films with fresh narratives like Aadu Oru Bheekara Jeeviyanu (2015) and Jallikattu (2019). Vishnu Panicker has lensed the film while Ayoob Khan has handled the editing.

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