The idea is to do something new and not safe: Saif Ali Khan

The actor is currently shooting for an action packed South Indian entertainer
Saif Ali Khan
Saif Ali Khan

In an interview with IANS, Saif Ali Khan spoke about trying new things and offering novelty to the audiences.

Talking about his past characters he said, "If you are having fun playing such roles, chances are the audience will enjoy watching you too. In the case of 'Omkara' and 'Go Goa Gone', I agreed to essay the roles which many people did not want to. For me, the idea is always to do something new each time."

Stressing that the streaming allows for much space to experiment, Khan opines that when it comes to making content for the digital medium, it is important to be completely honest about contemporary realities and human conditions, and then dramatise the situations. "Only then will you be able to move people. Let us not forget that whatever we make for this medium is immediately compared to international work."

Even as he agrees with the evolution of content and treatment with the advent of OTT, the actor maintains that it would not really have an impact on mainstream cinema in terms of storytelling. "Though mindsets are bound to change, I am unsure of the actual impact as it depends on how much of a chance mainstream is willing to take in terms of evolving scripts and not playing it very safe."

He may have worked with a diverse set of directors, but now he does not really think on terms of script or the person behind the camera. "I now approach work as a producer. My thought process is -- what kind of movies I would like to make?"

When it comes to signing the dotted line, it is about how he feels at that moment in time. "It has to be instinctive. Your gut tells you if it is worth the time and energy. Now, I prefer the comfort of home, so, if the project is going to take me away to a hotel room for weeks, it has to be worthwhile in every way, otherwise, I might not want to do it. It has to be something that I would want to be part of my history."

Talking about his upcoming projects, he said, "I am also shooting for a big action-packed South Indian movie. Besides that, a film for Siddharth Anand's production which is a Netflix original. So, there are a lot of things in the pipeline.”

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