Radhika Apte: I enjoy every genre, I’m not picky

The actress will next be seen in Mrs. Undercover, releasing on Zee5
Radhika Apte in Mrs. Undercover
Radhika Apte in Mrs. Undercover

In a recent media interaction, Radhika Apte who will next be seen in a spy thriller Mrs. Undercover spoke about the film and what different it has to offer its audience.

“ There are so many streaming platforms which makes it tricky for your work to stand out but I think the story I'm working with is a very unexplored category which is a spy thriller comedy and I think that is our most unique factor and that’s what will make our film stand out.” Apte said.

Talking about her favorite genre she said, “I enjoy every genre. I'd love to do comedy, drama, thriller, horror, action, sci fi so actually I don’t have any problem. I'm not picky as long as the part is good and the film is good.”

Directed by Anushree Mehta, Mrs. Undercover also stars Sumeet Vyas and Roy Angana. The film will be released on Zee5 on April 14.

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