Streaming Adda 2022: Masaba Gupta, Shriya Pilgaonkar Reveal the Most Frustrating Directions They’ve Received

From working under time constraints to being instructed to close their mouth, here are exasperating directions given to actors
Streaming Adda 2022: Masaba Gupta, Shriya Pilgaonkar Reveal the Most Frustrating Directions They’ve Received

Film Companion’s upcoming Streaming Adda 2022 features Masaba Gupta, Ishwak Singh, Shriya Pilgaonkar, Amit Sial, Geetanjali Kulkarni and Kathir. FC’s Suchin Mehrotra, moderating the discussion, broke the ice by asking them what the most frustrating direction to receive can be.

First to respond was Pilgaonkar, who recounted the time a director asked her if she was listening to him. Since her listening face is deadpan, the director wasn’t certain if she was registering what he was saying. After which, she made it a point to squint her eyes and scrunch her eyebrows while listening. “Sometimes maybe a director wants to say something, but it comes across a little differently. So I thought it was a very odd thing to say,” she said. Sial expressed that it is tricky when a director resorts to enacting what they expect from the actor and suggests after to “do it your way”. By then, however, it is challenging to steer away from the director’s performance.

A bizarre experience for Kathir was when he was instructed to close his mouth after delivering the dialogue. He attempted another take before requesting his director to demonstrate. Only then the latter realised that it was better to “go in the flow”. Post admitting that she is perhaps the one with the least amount of work experience on the panel, Gupta said that she is now discovering how physically taxing acting is. It is frustrating for her when a director lacks the “respect for an actor’s energy and the mind space they are in”.

Kulkarni, with a background in theatre acting, described herself as a director’s actor. When deprived of rehearsals, or worse, when expected to work under time constraints, she finds herself getting irked. “As an actor, I need time. And when that pressure comes, I get anxious,” she said. Lastly, Singh said that his aim remains to carve his space within a director’s vision, or “canvas”.

The Streaming Adda 2022 video will be out tomorrow, December 07, 2022.

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