Siddharth Anand on FC Front Row: Shah Rukh Khan is not a Human Being

Pathaan released in theatres on January 25
Siddharth Anand
Siddharth AnandPathaan

During the Q&A session at FC Front Row with Pathaan director Siddharth Anand, one of the movie buffs asked Anand, how was the experience of directing Shah Rukh Khan. The director shared his experience with an anecdote from the set of the film.

“Shah Rukh is not a human being. I have been lucky to direct a lot of actors and superstars so Shah Rukh is somebody who is once on set, he keeps sitting there, so you can tell him sir can you come in and do the over shoulder shot and give the reaction to the guy whose shot it is, he'll come and do that, whoever it is, he'll say let me do it and then he’ll go and sit again and say if you need me call me, so il get down to shooting the shot and while i'm lost in the shot and i have taken the takes and retakes and say ok sir I don't need you now you can go and sit, suddenly he'll tap me and ask can I go to the loo and come Sid and I'm like you can't be asking me this just go, so it's the smallest of thing that make him so special.”

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