Sapna Pabbi shares her Experience working with Sunil Grover, Satish Shah in United Kacche

The series premieres on March 31 on Zee5
Sapna Pabbi
Sapna PabbiUnited Kacche

In a recent media interview, Sapna Pabbi opened up about working with Sunil Grover, Satish Shah, Manu Rishi Chaddha, Nikhil Vijay, Nayani Dixit, Neelu Kohli in her upcoming series United Kacche premiering March 31 on Zee5.

Talking about the same, Pabbi said, “Although I’ve dabbled in comic shows and roles; this has to be my favourite! The cast and crew were fantastic. I think I can speak for all of us when I say our faces were numb from all the laughter from every shooting day. Hats off to our super calm director Manav Shah for handling this brunch of excited children and all our input’s. It wasn’t an easy ride for him or anyone dealing with such a powerfully creative and passionate cast and he did it so well and always maintained his cool and is a master at holding in laughter during a scene, almost every scene in this case. I cannot wait to work with him again on the second season and everyone else.”

“I’ve worked with Manurishi Chadha previously in Inside Edge; where I found him hilarious too, and thoroughly enjoyed his performance. But we didn’t get to perform together, as our characters had completely different graphs. This time however It was so motivating to see his passion towards his performances and it was great to learn from him and laugh with him both on and off screen.”

Talking about Grover, she said, “I have no words, the human the comedian the actor the professional. I’m in awe of him and his talents. He deserves all the praise he receives and more. More power to him!”

“Satish Shah, was the perfect papa on screen and on the sets where his warmth and experience was very much craved by all to get through the shooting day.”

“Having feminine energy on sets is extremely important to me, and Nayani Dixit was the perfect power performer and sister from another mister when needed. I cannot wait for you to see some of her epic punches in the show.”

“Nikhil Vijay, is the one to watch! Hes my personal surprise factor in the show and favourite. He’s so funny! And he’s my kind of funny (You know the sarcastic Brit humour with a desi twist). When watching our scene play backs; I would be more interested in seeing what he’s been up to standing next to me in the scene and what faces he’s been pulling as opposed to watching myself even. I need him and his comic timing in my life!,” she continued

“Neelu Kholi ma’am and I have actually worked on two projects in the past which didn’t release, so it’s amazing to finally have our co actresses journey take off. And uff she’s amazing. So vivacious. Love her! She knows it!,” Pabbi concluded

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