Revathy Reveals how Aamir Khan came on board for Salaam Venky

The film stars Kajol and Vishal Jethwa in lead role

In an interview with IANS, Revathy spoke about how Aamir Khan came on board for a special appearance in Salaam Venky also starring Kajol and Vishal Jethwa.

"People often call Aamir a perfectionist and there's a reason behind that. He has cultivated that image and earned the title because of his dedication and unique perspective to stories. For Salaam Venky too, when I approached Aamir, he first asked for his scene to get a sense of what his character brings to the story," Revathy said.

She further added, "Once he read his part and sketched the character through broad strokes, he heard the entire narration and then added his inputs. He has his own style of working and it was pleasant to see his process. Once on set, he knocked it out of the park with his precise portrayal of the character. Being an actress myself, it was refreshing to see such a process."

The film is about a DMD (Duchenne muscular dystrophy) patient (played by Jethwa), who strives to live to the fullest and how his mother (essayed by Kajol) does everything in her capacity to make it better for her son. Salaam Venky releases in theatres on December 9.

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