Revathi starrer Aye Zindagi Becomes Tax Free in Rajasthan

Aye Zindagi released in theatres on October 14
Aye Zindagi
Aye Zindagi

Aye Zindagi starring Revathi and Satyajeet Dubey, has been declared tax-free in Rajasthan by the state government.

Responding to the news, producer Shiladitya Bora said: "We wish to thank the Rajasthan government for this gesture. Making it tax-free will allow more people to see how organ donation transforms lives and gives hope to lakhs of people who would otherwise die waiting for an organ."

Directed by Anirban Bose, Aye Zindagi is based on a true story, the film follows the journey of a 26-year-old liver cirrhosis patient Vinay Chawla (played by Dubey) whose unlikely bond with a hospital grief counsellor (played by Revathi) rekindles his hope and faith in life and makes him believe in the power of humanity.

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