Life Lessons With Diljit Dosanjh

On the superstar’s 39th birthday, we take a look at the nuggets of wisdom he shared in his interview recently
Life Lessons With Diljit Dosanjh

One doesn’t need to listen to Diljit Dosanjh for long to realise that the man is on a journey of self-actualisation. Startlingly honest, humble and eternally self-deprecating, Dosanjh is a joy to watch. Recently, in an interview with Film Companion, the superstar talked about being a star, dealing with trolls and finding time to do nothing. Here are some of our favourite bits – and hidden life lessons – from the interview.  

Jugaad is a way of life 

When Dosanjh landed his first Hindi film in 2016, Udta Punjab, he had been asked to send his manager to talk to the production. Except, Dosanjh didn’t have one. “I started my career with wedding shows. No matter what was asked of us, we would always deliver,” he laughed. The actor got his friend – now manager – Sonali Singh to pose as a manager and finalise the deal for him. “I made her learn some lines and sent her,” shared Dosanjh. And the rest is history. 

Sab drama hai

When asked how he doesn’t let fame get to his head, Dosanjh said something that feels almost radical coming from a star today: “Overall, ek drama chal raha hai. Kuch real nahi hai (Everything is a show, nothing is real)”. The actor has no misconceptions about what sells in the entertainment industry. “Get as involved as you want. Think of yourself as a hero, a superstar if you need to. But you should remember that it’s all fake,” he said. 

Sometimes, do nothing

“Sometimes, let yourself go and do nothing,” recommends Dosanjh. “Ask those who do nothing about how fun it is.”

Sweet solitude 

The singer has often talked about how being alone never makes him feel lonely. “It’s not that I’ve started enjoying my solitude after becoming famous. I just like being with myself.” Despite his vibrant personality, Dosanjh is actually a proud introvert: “Before I used to think that this was a shortcoming I had, that I couldn’t approach people. But, now I’m glad I’m this way.”

Haters gon’ hate

With millions of views on YouTube, Dosanjh has his fair share of trolls. But he seems to have cracked the code for peaceful living. “If anybody wants to think of me in a negative way, please help yourself. I’ve realised that you can’t explain things to people, you can’t fix anyone. This drama is going to unfold no matter what you do,” he said.  

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