Karthi on Sardar success: I am relieved and at peace with myself

Directed by P.S Mithran, the film also stars Mohammad Ali Baig and Rithvik Jothi Raj

Karthi recently praised producer Lakshman Kumar for his recent release Sardar. Speaking at the success meet of the film, Karthi said: "People have been asking me if I am happy now that the film has emerged a hit. I reply that I am peaceful and relieved. People say it is very important to have good friends. If you look at producer Lakshman and me, we are classmates from kindergarten. He is someone who enjoys seeing me succeed. I have seen every single day the amount of stress and pressure he took upon himself for this film. But he never showed it out."

"There would be major issues going on, for instance, if the day's call sheet extends by a night, the budget would shoot up by over 40 lakhs. But still, in front of me, producer Laxman would keep sporting a smile," he further added.

"I would be scared at the amount of stress he was taking upon himself. I need my friend by my side. I would keep telling him not to take so much stress. But now, I think he has learnt to handle it. He has worked in a big company and got into production after resigning from his job. So, I guess he has learnt to handle pressure. He took such a big risk trusting all our work and I am happy for him." Karthi concluded.

Directed by P.S Mithran, Sardar stars Mohammad Ali Baig, Rithvik Jothi Raj and Karthi.

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