Jaladhara Pumpset Trailer Out; Urvashi Takes Indrans To Court Over A Stolen Water Pump

The film is directed by Ashish Chinnappa
The film is directed by Ashish Chinnappa
The film is directed by Ashish Chinnappa

The makers of the comedy Jaladhara Pumpset: Since 1962 released the trailer for the film recently. The trailer was shared on social media by Tamil actor Vijay Sethupathi. The film stars Urvashi and Indrans in the lead roles.

The promo presents the story of Urvashi as Mrinalini Teacher who goes after Indrans, a thief who has stolen her water pump. The trailer hints at the film being a courtroom comedy as Johny Antony stars as a lawyer representing Urvashi. The case seems to go on for years without any judgment, possibly commenting on the Judicial system in India. The film also has a host of other characters who have their own opinion on the case. The trailer also hints at exploring the case form Indrans’ perspective.

The film is directed by Ashish Chinnappa, who co-writes the film along with Prajin MP. It is produced by Baiju Chellamma, Sagar, and Sanitha Sasidharan under the Wonderframes Filmland banner. Sajith Purushan, Kailas, and Rathin Radhakrishnan form the technical crew as the cinematographer, music composer, and editor respectively. The film also stars Sagar, Sanusha, TG Ravi, and Nisha Sarang.

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