Cannes 2023 Exclusive: Anurag Kashyap says I reached out to Vikram for Kennedy, he never responded

Kashyap’s Kennedy was screened at the Cannes Film Festival, the film stars Rahul Bhat and Sunny Leone in prominent roles
Anurag Kashyap at Cannes Film Festival 2023
Anurag Kashyap at Cannes Film Festival 2023

In an exclusive interview with Anupama Chopra, Anurag Kashyap spoke about his journey as a filmmaker and how his latest film Kennedy, which was selected for the Cannes Film Festival, was named after actor Vikram.

He said, “I actually had a specific actor in mind when I wrote this film which is why the film is Kennedy because that actor’s nick name is Kennedy, the film was called Kennedy project, its Chiyaan Vikram, Chiyaan Vikram’s nick name is Kennedy. I reached out to him, he never responded.”

Written and directed by Kashyap, Kennedy stars Sunny Leone, Rahul Bhat and Benedict Garrett.

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