Angad Bedi on The List: Acting like robots wasn't easy for me

The List stars Angad Bedi along with Kirti Kulhari
The List
The List

Angad Bedi and his co-star Kirti Kulhari have talked about the challenges they faced to emote for their short film The List. Talking about the same Kulhari said, "This was a different experience, there were moments where Gaurav Dave (the director) would tell us 'thoda aur dead dikho (show a little more dead), thoda aur emotion kam karo (reduce the emotion), abhi bhi kuch lag raha hai (It still feels something different), ussko bhi hata do (Remove that too). So we were going in the opposite direction."

This challenge was really something that I enjoyed because it was different from the usual 'yeh emotion chahiye (this emotion is needed), woh emotion chahiye (that emotion is needed).' In my own head, I kept pushing and trying to get it right because it matters to me. Baaki toh kaafi majja aaya yaar (we enjoyed it), kuch dialogues nahi hai (we don’t have any dialogues), bas chehre se emote karna hai (just have to emote through expressions).It was a great change," she added.

Angad added: "Acting like robots for me isn't easy. Imagine on camera, the filmmaker tells you that this is how you're supposed to be for 18 mins. It's the toughest thing to do and then you have to project certain emotions while you act all robotic. There is a very fine line that you have to maintain for such a multi-layered character."

Speaking of his experience about his character, Bedi said: "I think because this role was so new to me, it became all the more challenging because I am a very energetic person and to have such stoic expressions is a task I thought was out of my league. Of course, working with Kirti and taking workshops for 5 days helped me a lot."

"I honestly didn't think I would be able to pull this character off. Every actor has certain advantages and disadvantages and yes it is good to challenge yourself but at the same time it is also very important to know what you can do and what your capacity or capability is" said Bedi.

Written and directed by Gaurav Dave, The List is now streaming for free on Amazon miniTV.

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