Abhishek Banerjee: Stree 2 will be Super Exciting

Banerjee will be seen in Dream Girl 2, Apurva and Rana Naidu
Abhishek Banerjee
Abhishek Banerjee

In a recent media interview, Abhishek Benerjee spoke about the characters in his upcoming movies and especially Stree 2.

Talking about how excited the star is for his upcoming projects and the year as well, he said: "2023 is here!!! And I am very thrilled to kickstart this year, but looking back at the work I did last year- I was very nervous about JD aka Jana as it had to be similar yet difficult from Stree (2018). But thankfully it was received well by the audience. Now the journey of Stree 2 will be super exciting.. recently I wrapped up Apurva and now I am gearing up for the release Rana Naidu,” Banerjee said.

"I'm thrilled to see how people will react to some very extreme characters . The play ground is going to get bigger and better this year... so I am looking forward to it," the actor added.

Banerjee was last seen in Bhediya (2022) and will be seen in Dream Girl 2, Stree 2, Apurva and Rana Naidu amongst many others.

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