‘Post’ Mortem: Celebrity Social Media Posts That Caught Our Attention

With an actor's digital footprint becoming increasingly crucial to their stardom, their activity on social media is also nothing short of a performance
‘Post’ Mortem: Celebrity Social Media Posts That Caught Our Attention

Have you ever wondered if the heavily filtered photo of that avocado toast posted by Jacqueline Fernandez was actually taken by her or not? Or whether it was Deepika Padukone who couldn't wait for the next season of The Crown or some overworked assistant who posted that on her Instagram to make the usually reserved actress a bit more relatable?

When Bollywood celebrities aren't eradicating the country's deep-seated cultural problems via catchy Instagram challenges, they work hard to be accessible to their millions and millions of fans through their various social media platforms. Some Bollywood celebrities, like Sonam Kapoor, curate their social media cleverly. You'd have to be a genius/sociopath detective to track a blurry selfie on Sonam's account and even though she does the usual gushing reviews about movies of fellow celebrities on Twitter, there are occasional sharp replies to trolls and comments on relevant social issues.

Another social media ace is Shah Rukh Khan. His social media feed seems personal and engaging, peppered with the occasional promotional tweet and post (occupational hazard). As a good deed to mark the beginning of 2018 (yes, we realize it's February, but it's the thought that counts), we decided to take a closer look at Bollywood's performance on social media and rate them, because why not?


Alia Bhatt

Apart from the occasional cat photos (it IS the Internet after all), Alia shared photos from the location of her current film shoot. The reason she is firmly on the 'Good' list is because her random Instagram posts and authentic captions are a refreshing change from the bot generated, hashtag-laden ones of some of her counterparts. While she is not as active on Twitter as she is on Instagram, the actress retweets fan posts occasionally.

Sonam Kapoor

Say what you will about her performance on screen, the Neerja actress is way ahead of her contemporaries as far as cracking social media is concerned. While most of her fans, or her 'tribe' as she likes to call them, get regular updates via her app (yes, she has her own app AND emoji stickers), her Instagram is also a carefully curated look at her life and her many (there are MANY) designer OOTDs. Sonam also likes to keep it real via her Snapchat and Instagram stories, showing each and every step of how she becomes camera ready, throwing spotlight on the huge team of stylists and make-up artists behind her looks. She has gone to lengths to break the illusion of perfection usually attributed to Bollywood actresses and her social media is a testament to that.


Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli

Though Virat Kohli is not a Bollywood celebrity, his association with Anushka Sharma has earned him bucketful of Good points. Especially with the latest post that was promptly declared as the sole reason for the rebirth of humanity's faith in love.


Rishi Kapoor

If there's one celebrity's social media we wished was managed by a social media bot, it's Rishi Kapoor's. Last week, Internet's newest obsession Priya Varrier caught the Kapoor senior's attention, leading him to tweet:

When comedienne Aditi Mittal pointed out what we all thought when we saw the tweet, he decided to make matters worse by sending her a problematic Direct Message.

Where is an all-fixing PR disaster-mitigating bot when you need one?


Deepika Padukone

Maybe for once we can believe that the source of Hrithik Roshan's impressive physique is a blue alien, regrettably named Jaadoo, but there is no way on God's green earth can you convince us that it's actually Deepika Padukone behind her Instagram. To be fair, most of her Instagram is promotion for her movies or The Live Love Laugh Foundation, which doesn't really indicate any coherent social media language. It's somehow hard to put Deepika and emojis in the same bracket. Also, how else do you explain this cryptic message 'Deepika' sent through her Instagram on her birthday?

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