Kadakkal Chandran, KGR, Kammaran Nambiar: A ‘Role’ Call Of 15 Malayalam Movie CMs

From the righteous to the corrupt, a list of 15 Chief Ministers from Malayalam cinema played by a slew of veteran actors.
Kadakkal Chandran, KGR, Kammaran Nambiar: A ‘Role’ Call Of 15 Malayalam Movie CMs

The role of 'Chief Minister' has been depicted at many levels. From depicting the epitome of righteousness to being hand in glove to the corrupt, here's our pick of 15 Chief Minister roles essayed by a slew of veteran actors in Malayalam Cinema.

1. One (2021) — Mammootty

Mammootty has been part of many iconic political films in his long spanning career, From tamil features such as Makkal Aatchi, and Arasiyal to Malayalam blockbusters like The King. The closest we have seen him in the role of a minister was in Nayam Vyakthamakkunnu directed by Balachandra Menon. Though the recently released One met with mixed reviews, Mammootty's portrayal as chief minister Kadakkal Chandran was well-appreciated across and won a majority of viewers votes.

2. Nayattu (2021) — Jaffer Idukki

Martin Prakkat's cop drama where the hunters become the hunted includes some worthy performances by its leads Joju george, Boban Kunchacko, and Nimisha Sajayan. The film also includes an impressive performance from its supporting characters, especially by Jaffer Idukki as the Chief Minister to the ruling party.

3. Lucifer (2019) — Sachin Khedekar

Actor Prithviraj's directorial debut took the Malayalam box office by storm. Among its long list of star cast actor Sachin Khedekar's performance as a subtle yet stern chief minister P.K.Ramdas who adopts the young Stephen Nedumpally is a worthy mention.

4. Kammarasambhavam (2018) — Dileep

Though not a theatrical success, the film garnered a cult status over time. The subject of how factual history can be manipulated through any art form was well etched and had a stark relevance to recent realities. Plot revolves when the factual life of Kammaran Nambiar (Dileep) is completely altered for electoral gains in the form of a manipulative biopic which eventually leads to him becoming the Chief Minister of the State.

5. Lion (2006) — P. Sreekumar

Renowned writer,actor and director whose scripting credits includes the Mohanlal-starrer Kalippattam, P.Sreekumar starred as chief minister Avarachan whose coalition govt is at the brink of collapse and finds a ray of hope by taking the support of an independent candidate B.Krishnakumar played by Dileep. This political thriller was directed by Joshiy with an impressive soundtrack composed by Deepak Dev.

6. August 1st (1988) — Sukumaran

This fast paced political thriller which was loosely based from the book  'The Day of the Jackal' by Frederick Forsyth which saw Mammootty play the street smart cop Perumal who tries to foil an assassination attempt on the Chief Minister. Sukumaran plays the character of K. G. Ramachandran who is declared as the new Chief Minister of the state. This decision irks few of the party patriarchs urging them to scheme an assassination plan. Written by S.N. Swamy and directed by Sibi Malayil.

7. August 15th (2011) — Nedumudi Venu

A direct sequel it's 1988 predecessor. Mammootty reprises the role of cop Perumal. Nedumudi Venu plays the character of Chief Minister V.G.Sadanandan who survives an poisoning attempt and it's upto Perumal to investigate and find the culprit before another attempt is made. This sequel was directed by Shaji Kailas while S.N.Swamy penned the story.

8. CID Moosa (2003) — Murali

Acclaimed actor Murali plays the role of Chief Minister Ravi Menon who gets saved a multitude of times by CID Moosa (Dileep) in this slapstick comedy directed by Johny Antony.

9. Roudram (2008)/FIR (1999)/Sthalathe Pradhana Payyans (1993) /Thalasthanam (1992) — Janardhanan

Veteran actor Janardhanan was a frequent collaborator as the Chief Minister in Renji Panicker's universe of Cops and Ministers. Though a certain level of character significance was maintained in his earlier films such as Sthalathe Pradhana Payyans, and Thalasthanam, the more recent ones such as FIR and Roudram saw a certain level of mimicking few real life chief ministers.

10. Tiger (2005) /Vasthavam (2006) — Rajmohan Unnithan

Rajmohan Unnithan is one of the few in the brigade who got to play the role of a political leader on screen as well as off screen. The current Member of Parliament debuted as Chief Minister in the Suresh Gopi-starrer Tiger directed by Shaji Kailas and later in M.Padmakumar's critical and commercial hit Vasthavam starring Prithviraj.

11. The Truth (2019) — Balachandra Menon

After a gruesome assassination attempt on the Chief Minister, Bharath Patteri IPS (Mammootty) and his team are called upon to investigate the proceedings. Balachandra Menon plays the righteous Chief Minister P.Madhavan who is hell bent to crack down corruption, eventually garnering enmity against him. directed by Shaji Kailas and written by SN Swami the films cast also included Thilakan, Divya Unni, Vani Vishwanath and Sai Kumar.

12. Bharathchandran IPS (2005) — Vijayaraghavan

In this spiritual sequel to the 1993 hit Commissioner, Suresh Gopi reprises the role Bharathchandran IPS who is set to investigate the murder of an muslim leader. Vijayaraghavan plays chief minister Thomas Chacko who has murky connections with smuggler Haider Ali (Sai Kumar). Known for scripting political thrillers with fire-brand dialogues, this was also Renji Panicker's debut film as a director.

13. Bhoomiyile Rajakkanmar (1987) — Balan K. Nair

Veteran actor Balan K. Nair played the role of a scheming Chief Minister M.S Nair who on the request of Valiya Thamburan (Adoor Bhasi) scion of the Thekkumkoor royal family appoints heir Mahendra Varma (Mohanlal) within his cabinet. What happens when Mahendra Varma goes against the Chief Minister forms the rest of the story. This was director Thampi Kannanthanam's third continuous collaboration after the blockbuster Rajavinte Makan and Vazhiyorakazchakal.

14. ABCD (2013) — Kalasala Babu

Kalasala Babu plays the Chief Minister who is under tremendous pressure to win the upcoming election while his minister Akhilesh Varma (Tovino Thomas) fails to gain people's support in Martin Prakkat's second directorial venture starring Dulquer Salmaan, Jacob Gregory, and Aparna Gopinath.

15. Irupatham Noottandu (1987) — Prathapachandran

Prathapachandran plays Chief Minister Inchakadu Ramakrishna Pillai who turns blind eyes over his son Shekharan Kutty's (Suresh Gopi) notorious smuggling racket and later is hell bent on protecting Shekharan Kutty when Sagar alias Jacky (Mohanlal) seeks revenge. Directed by K.Madhu with script written by S.N.Swami.

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