Day #10 of Lockdown: Drooling Through Ashiq Abu’s Salt N’ Pepper, On MX Player

We’re almost halfway through the lockdown and just one more ‘illuminating’ speech away from beating this virus for good. In this time, a lot has already been written and spoken about Ashiq Abu’s Virus, a film that got into the headspace of everyone, tackling the response to an epidemic with the seriousness it deserved. While we let professionals do what they can to keep things under control, all we can do is wait at home patiently, washing our hands a dozen times without washing our hands off the responsibility that comes with isolation. 

But as cabin fever kicks in violently, another kind of issue some of us have been dealing with is homesickness. A lucky few managed to get home just in time for the lockdown. Others, myself included, are trying to deal with the situation without the TLC that comes with being with family. Come to think of it, it’s not really the company that I’ve been missing. It’s the joy of cooking and eating with family.  

Apparently, there are only so many ways in which one can cook Maggi and khichdi. Ask anyone about the first thing they’re going to do once all this is over, and it’s likely to be a restaurant they’re waiting to run to rather than the arms of their friends or family. I too have been dreaming about a mega meal I’d like to devour once it’s safe to go out.

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But, in that time, all one can do is vicariously eat soggy Maggi while watching clips of food porn on incognito mode. Of these, the opening title sequence of Ashiq Abu’s Salt N Pepper alone would suffice to make you feel how long 11 more days can be (it’s likely to be a lot longer). People think claustrophobic movies such as Trapped, Room and Helen are going to be the toughest to watch at this point, but I’d argue that it is films like Salt N Pepper or Julie And Julia, which have us helplessly craving for something as primal as tasty food. 

By itself, Salt N Pepper is charming at different levels but there’s always a thattil kutti dosha or a funky rainbow cake that keep popping up, making it painful to sit through. Don’t believe me?   

Think about how much longer we have to wait before getting to taste most of the delicacies shown in the song above. Be brave, don’t crave.  

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