Madhavan On The Three Questions He Asks Before Picking A Project

The Vikram Vedha star talks about what elements he looks for in a script
Madhavan On The Three Questions He Asks Before Picking A Project

Madhavan has fewer projects to his name than most mainstream film actors. In a recent interview with our FC South Editor Baradwaj Rangan, he elaborated on his decision making process which he says has evolved over the last four years. "You have to be very sensible and work on the minimum return scenario."

The actor, who will be seen next in Chanda Mama Door Ke along with Sushant Singh Rajput, says he has a couple of criteria that every script must fulfill. "First and the most important thing is it should ring in with the state of mind that I'm in my life right now."

"The second thing I look for is, does this film's story render itself to the silver screen?" Citing the case of Nagraj Manjule's Sairat, which had a great run at the box-office even though it was massively pirated, he said, "That film went on to recover more than 90 crores in Mumbai itself. Forget about the rest of the country, in Mumbai itself. Which says that the public is very clear. If they think it is screen-worthy they will go watch it on the screen."

Thirdly, he asks himself if the content is suited for the medium. Madhavan's first web show Breathe is currently streaming on Amazon Prime India. "Is it best to do this as a feature film? Is it best to do it as a web series? Does it render itself to the long format? Is there enough content for it? Those are the criterias that I know scientifically play an important part in me selecting a particular project." He also added that despite his upcoming film being one of India's first space movies, it has an amazing human story that people will relate to.

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