Liger Trailer Is Out And Here Are 4 Things Hero Vijay Deverakonda Has Revealed In Our Interviews

Sporting a kickboxing avatar, the Liger star is all set to face off against boxing legend Mike Tyson in this film. Take a look at some of the interesting conversations he has had with Film Companion in the past.
Liger Trailer Is Out And Here Are 4 Things Hero Vijay Deverakonda Has Revealed In Our Interviews

After cricket, a sport that immediately grabs the attention of the Indian audience is arguably boxing. In that line, the next film set within the ring is Vijay Deverakonda's Pan-Indian sports action film Liger. The film's trailer dropped today and it introduces us to the world of Vijay Deverakonda's kickboxing king Liger. The makers of the film have been promoting the film in full swing with its multi-starrer cast, which also includes boxing legend Mike Tyson making his Indian cinematic debut. Liger theatrically releases on August 25, in Telugu, Tamil, Hindi, Malayalam, and Kannada. And ahead of its release, let's take a look at 4 of the most amusing things the Liger actor has told Film Companion. 

Every film he produces is an open house

Vijay Deverakonda kickstarted his production journey with Meeku Maathrame Cheptha in 2019. The actor wants to give back to the industry by supporting promising talent through his own production house King of the Hill. 

His production house will be different from its contemporaries, in his words, "Every film I make is open house. Everyone is welcome. I promise you no one will look at you like you've come to take a loan. That's how I was treated when I went to offices. And you will be selected purely on auditions."

Why cinema has been a battle for him

When you do a job that's very different from the common professions, your kin and kith hardly get what you go through. Coming from a world that's far removed from films, Vijay's life is no different. In an interview with Mohini Chaudhuri, he says, "We go to the movies on a Friday, buy a ticket and enjoy it. But behind the scenes, there is language, region, and so much politics at play while making a film. It's not as clean as art. There's money, business, power play, caste, creed… it's like a battle for me. So I have to do a lot more than just act to pull off my work. And it's much more for me because I work a lot with newcomers. I have to go 100 extra miles to get the film made and promote it." 

Vijay Deverakonda's acting tip

For all the aspiring artists out there, here is an acting tip Vijay shares – "No one should ever feel the pressure to act… to do something. Sometimes the best thing is to just be. You'll see in a lot of films that if the lead actor is talking and you're the friend and you just have to listen, they won't listen normally. It won't be like how we listen normally. They will feel like doing something. A lot of time you don't need to do anything in a scene."

Why his dog Storm is on social media 

The Liger star is a big cynophile, a dog lover. Do you know his dog has his own Instagram account? In an interview with Baradwaj Rangan, he reveals why the dog is on social media. "My mum loves people and really likes to share. She doesn't get to meet as many people now, so she feeds off interaction on social media. She thinks Storm (Vijay's dog) is human and records so many memories of him and her explanation is that this is how she wants to remember him. It's like an album that she wants to share with the world," he concludes. 

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