Just One Question: Bosco Martis

We asked the choreographer of War's Jai Jai Shivshankar what goes into choreographing a song with two of the country's finest dancers
Just One Question: Bosco Martis

When two of the industry's best dancers are set to face-off on the big screen, you know an energetic dance number can't be far behind. Hrithik Roshan and Tiger Shroff-starrer War has dropped its first big dance track, Jai Jai Shivshankar, which sees the two trading steps in their signature celebrated styles. The video has already garnered close to 5 million views in the few hours since its release. Bosco-Caesar is the duo who were tasked with choreographing a fitting a dance number that would live up to the skills of the two stars, so we asked Bosco Martis how do you choreograph the two best dancers of Bollywood? Here's what he had to say:

"When I got to know I'd be doing this, I went blank. Till the time we actually started rehearsing and shooting, we were just going with the flow.

I realised that if you take on that kind of pressure, it just won't work. So just enjoy yourself, express with the two best performers in the industry and work to the best of their ability. We also had to execute it keeping their body language, frames, characters and the whole world in mind. With Tiger, we had a lot of acrobats, and with Hrithik, we kept it very cool and focused on the swag. We had to try and keep that balance of coolness and energy so I hope that comes across in the song.

I didn't want the dance to look desperate. I wanted it to look more chilled out. When you have such great dancers you just want to showcase all their dance moves and talent, but I didn't want that. It almost becomes about showing off and 'see what I can do' rather than put together a piece that really moves you. Hrithik was very aware of his character and so didn't go for all-out berserk dancing."

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