Jonas Brothers Family Roast On Netflix: The Funniest Burns… And Some Unfunny Churns

The 68-minute special is hosted by Kenan Thompson and stars the brothers, alongside Priyanka Chopra, Sophie Turner, John Legend and Lilly Singh, among others
Jonas Brothers Family Roast On Netflix: The Funniest Burns… And Some Unfunny Churns

Roasts are meant to be fun. They are meant to ridicule and honor the special guest(s) at the same time, taking jibes at their lives as the audience know it. Remember the group roast on Schitt's Creek, where Johnny (Eugene Levy) takes his own sweet time to understand the concept but catches up with some absolute firecrackers once he finds his groove? Jonas Brothers Family Roast, streaming on Netflix, finds a similar rhythm.

The 68-minute special stars the Jonas fam – Nick Jonas, Joe Jonas, Kevin Jonas, Priyanka Chopra, Sophie Turner, Danielle Jonas – alongside John Legend, Lilly Singh and Pete Davidson to name a few. The show has its lows but also finds its highs [watch out for the segment with ex-One Direction bandmate Niall Horan and the end credits].

For anyone who's followed the popular band and their journey since their Disney days, some moments are bound to stand out… and some, not so much. Here's a lowdown on the ones that stood out.

The Jokes That Landed:

Sophie Turner On Joe's Purity Ring

While Priyanka Chopra and Danielle Jonas went soft on their partners towards the end of their acts, it was Sophie who stole the show with her brutally honest roast of the middle Jonas. The actor took a jibe on his purity ring – a promise of virginity before marriage – to comment on Joe's past relationships (some of which were infamous in the media). Comparing him to a "modern-day Cinderella," she slyly joked about how the man tried to find a match for his ring quite a few times before his finger found the right fit in Sophie.

And that's how, my friends, a two-line, piping burn was served.

Lilly Singh On Jo Bros Being 'Basic, White Men'

So white that they ended up congratulating her on the PC-Nick Jonas wedding, Lilly joked. The artist and late show host hilariously looked back on her childhood days as a Jo Bros fan, saying that she would often look at their posters as a teenager and wonder, "Maybe I'm into girls." Her best joke came at the expense of the older Jonas, Kevin, who couldn't stop laughing, often hiding his face in amusement. "He makes you believe that anyone can be a popstar," she says as she goes on to call him Nick and Joe's accountant.

John Legend On His Favourite Band

…Which is not the Jonas Brothers. Legend sat with a piano, calmly singing about these boys who are nice guys but 'Not Quite The Beatles' – his favourite band; also, the band the Jo Bros can never be. "You can take them home to Granny, but they've never won a Grammy," he croons with his signature smile. The singer intentionally keeps forgetting Kevin's name throughout the song, calling him Kirk and Keith instead. There's a point in the song where he takes a high note, which Nick notices and applauds instantly. The lyrics are forgotten, and for a moment, they appreciate Legend's vocals.

Priyanka Chopra On Nick's Acting Career

Priyanka had a mic drop moment of her own, as she spoke about 'babysitting' Nick, younger to her by a decade. She quips that while she learnt the tricks of Tick Tok from him, she showed him what a successful acting career looks like – prompting a now red-faced Nick to stand up and hide behind his sofa in embarrassment. She also called herself the most successful Jonas – her Instagram followers (at 70.6 million) being more than the Jo Bros combined, as the family cheered on, nodding in acknowledgement.

Pete Davidson On… Supermarkets

That's where he listens to the Jonas Brothers. And that's a burn no one saw coming from Pete Davidson (also wearing an I heart Jonas tee). Standing among the audience, he too took a dig on Nick's acting (read Jumanji) career – saying that he's won everything, right from a Kid's Choice to a Teen's Choice Award.

And The Ones That Didn't:

The Football Joke

There's a 10-minute segment where the brothers play (American) football to judge who the worst player is among the three of them. It's needlessly dragged and doesn't generate many laughs, not even from the brothers themselves. A sharp 58-minute episode could've served them better.

Why Did They Call Dr. Phil?

Seriously, what was the need? The portion lasted a few minutes, but it's hard to understand the point of it all as Dr. Phil sat with Priyanka, Sophie and Danielle, commenting on their married lives. The jokes didn't land and the segment fell flat even as he kept stressing on how the brothers punched above their weight by marrying their respective partners.

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