What’s Streaming On Netflix, Amazon and Hotstar: The Best Shows And The Disappointments

The Awesome TV Show host Nikhil Taneja breaks down the new releases on streaming platforms, what you should watch and what you can skip
What’s Streaming On Netflix, Amazon and Hotstar: The Best Shows And The Disappointments

New seasons of Jessica Jones, Last Week Tonight and Mr. Robot and news shows like Collateral and Life Sentence – here's here's a lowdown of what's streaming and where, and some of the best shows from every genre.


Jessica Jones was disappointing because it did not live up to its fantastic season 1. It's almost as if Jessica is a new character this season because she's hardly connected to The Defenders, she's hardly a detective – really, she pretty much Googles stuff and can't identify obvious changes in her friends, and she's hardly as badass or interesting, and is in fact, damn whiny ya. Can someone reboot The Defenders Universe already?

Collateral featuring Carey Mulligan was a pretty decent British series about immigrants, refugees, crime and the world we live in.

Black Lightning is a weekly superhero series about a black superhero and it's also quite relevant to Trump's divided America and is a fun watch.

My Next Guest Needs No Introduction had an episode featuring Malala and I really love David Letterman and
the human insights that come out of this show.


There were also new seasons of Santa Clarita Diet and A Series of Unfortunate Events but I haven't seen them because I didn't like their first seasons. There's also a coming of age series called On My Block that I intend to watch if I get the time.


The Looming Tower is a super interesting series about the events that led up to 9/11 and has a fabulous cast including Jeff Daniels and Peter Sarsgaard. It will keep you invested with the infuriating question: What if?

Life Sentence is a fun millennial show about a girl who has terminal cancer and then finds out that she doesn't and is going to live. It stars Pretty Little Liars' Lucy Hale.


Amazon has added Mr Robot Season 3 and it is more brilliant than Season 2 so don't miss it. I saw a pilot of a show called Deception about a magician in a police unit and it's timepass but not something I'll keep watching. The same goes for Splitting Up Together, a generic sitcom that's got likeable leads but not much heart. Amazon has added About A Boy, which is one of my favourite sitcoms of the last decade, so don't miss it!


American Crime Story season 2 has been damn inconsistent and I've been watching it for Penelope Cruz and the fantastic Darren Criss and while it is interesting, it cannot at all match up to its outstanding season 1 so it suffers from the weight of expectations. My expectations obviously.

Silicon Valley is back and it is my comfort show and I love it so much but it's really offering nothing new at this point and that's killing because I want it to do better. Please do better Silicon Valley, please.

Last Week Tonight is back and it is just as awesome as it always was. Do not miss it, it is the most fantastic thing on planet Earth.


I saw the pilot of Six Feet Under creator Alan Ball's show Here and Now and it's interesting but I need more than interesting to go to episode 2 when there's so much phenomenal TV around. I may go back to it after the whole season is out, let's see.

Our Cartoon President, co created by Stephen Colbert, is a good laugh but has so many in-jokes that you'll only get if you watch American news obsessively. But I just love the premise of doing an animated show on Trump making fun of him while he's President.

Here's what to watch out for this month:

What's back: SUITS, Westworld, Bosch, New Girl, Money Heist, Quantico
What's new: Trust, Lost in Space, Barry, Troy – Fall of a City

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