Top 5 TV Shows You Should Stream Now

The Awesome TV Show host Nikhil Taneja wraps the month of May with Cobra Kai, Westworld and more
Top 5 TV Shows You Should Stream Now

There's too much much to watch on TV, and too little time. We'll try making your life easier by narrowing down the top 5 shows of May you absolutely cannot miss. So here's a lowdown of some of the best shows currently streaming.

5. 13 Reasons Why S02 (Netflix)

Given it is still not the show you should be watching if you have been bullied or harassed or have gone through any mental health issue, 13 Reasons Why, even with all its cheesiness and melodrama, is an important show for at least starting the conversation about teenage suicide and in this season, sexual assault. It's definitely far more responsible this season and ends with a brilliant final episode that stresses kindness over hate.

4. Evil Genius (Netflix)

A worthy addition to the true crime genre, Evil Genius is a spectacularly creepy documentary series about a 2003 pizza bomber – a man who robbed a bank, got caught by the police and then mysteriously blew up by a bomb that he claimed was planted by someone else – the evil genius this documentary is about. More than anything, the documentary brings to light how mental illness, if untreated, can lead to some very dangerous events.

3. Westworld S02 (Hostar)

Westworld Season 2 isn't over yet so I can't really give a summary of what it is but OH MY GOD WHAT IS IT! There was a time I used to think Lost was complicated. But the writing of this show has outdone every Abbas-Mustan film you'd have ever seen with more twists per episode than your reality can take. But seriously though, this is what peak prestige TV should look like and have you ever seen anything so full of splendor? I doubt it.

2. Dear White People S02 (Netflix)

If Season 1 of Dear White People was the super smart satire about race and identity politics we did not know we needed last year, Season 2 is the super smart satire about race, gender, sexuality, colour, privilege, power and identity politics that we most definitely needed in the post-Trump world we live in today. The wokest show on TV right now, this is the show that can wipe out ignorance if enough people see it. So go see it!

1. Cobra Kai (YouTube Red)

Easily my favourite show of the year so far – and yes, I'll update this moniker when another worthy show comes up – Cobra Kai is a sequel to the cult classic Karate Kid (and no, I do not mean the Jaden Smith-starrer) and wow, it's a scene-by-scene guidebook on how to do sequels right. The show tells the story of Johnny Lawrence, the antagonist kid in the original, who grows up to be a jackass and tries to overcome his circumstances by teaching karate to bullied kids by bullying them. It's ultimately still a show about hate versus love, and it's 100% the MOST FUN YOU'LL HAVE HAD THIS YEAR!

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