Top 5 Shows You Should Stream Now

Top 5 Shows You Should Stream Now

There's too much much to watch on TV, and too little time. We'll try making your life easier by narrowing down the top 5 shows of March you absolutely cannot miss.  So here's a lowdown of what's streaming and where, and some of the best shows from every genre.

5.  Love S03

Judd Apatow's awkward, funny and sometimes inconsistent comedy Love ended its three season arc with exactly the kind of moment that makes his shows so human and real. Though titled love, the series has always been about people who are at that point in their lives where they are old enough to want to have meaningful relationships but cynical enough to never believe that's possible. What does love really mean when you feel too little, or perhaps feel too much, but can't admit it? This show doesn't pretend to have the answers, but it sure does try. Also, Gillian Jacobs is pure awesome.

4. Sneaky Pete S02

Co-created by Walter White aka Bryan Cranston, Sneaky Pete is the kind of compelling, addictive binge watch because of which you'll keep shifting your plans for the weekend as you'll want to watch just one more episode, and suddenly you are in a rabbit hole that you didn't even know you actually love being in. A fantastic drama about a good-hearted conman who's either pulling off a great con or getting conned, if a Bollywood movie was a TV series (without song and dance), this would be it. Also, Giovanni Ribisi needs to do more shows.

3. High Maintenance S02

The most incredible thing about life is that it is somehow the same thing for everyone and yet completely, bizarrely unique for each of us. We are really the sum of the stories we have lived and the experiences we have had, and if there's a show that shines a light on our diversity, and yet roots them in our commonness, it's this one. An anthology of different stories set in and around the world of Brooklyn millennials who use weed to get by, this is the kind of show for a quiet night in. Also, Ben Sinclair and Katja Blichfeld need to make a movie right now.

2.  Mozart in the Jungle S04

It's quite unbelievable to me that a show as charming and enjoyable as Mozart in the Jungle isn't as popular or well known as perhaps any other show in peak TV. Set in the untraditional world of classical music, the show is a fascinating dramedy about characters after their own heart. Season 4 is one of its best, and much like La La Land, explores if great art and great love can co-exist. There's this exquisitely beautiful episode set in Japan that shows how making tea is really a metaphor for our existence. Just watch it already! Also, is there a more interesting actor than Gael Garcia Bernal on TV? I really don't think so!

1. Wild Wild Country 

Everyone's talking about this docu series and for damn good reason. Wild Wild Country is one of the most incredible – and incredulous – documentaries you will ever see, and it's an untold Shakespearean story of our homegrown spiritual guru Osho, but not a story *about* him. While exploring the chaos that follows when state and religion go after each other, it also asks a fundamental question: if a large section of people decide to create their own version of society, should the existing society make way for their rights, or should they worry about their own? Also, can we please officially call Ma Anand Sheela the most badass Indian woman we've never known about?

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