5 Fictitous Towns We Want To Live In

From Riverdale's scandalous mix of fashion, sex and hormones to the Simpsons' Springfield, where there is never a dull day, a list of fictitious TV small towns we would like to live in
5 Fictitous Towns We Want To Live In

Our favourite sitcoms and series are not just about characters and plots but also about the places they are set in, which are sometimes fictional. Here are five such towns that we think would be fun places to live in.

Pawnee is the kind of town that runs a restaurant called "Sue's Salads" out of business and replaces it with a fast-food chain called "Paunch Burger". Who wouldn't want to live there? With a committed parks department and a brilliant city manager, Pawnee has everything going for it. The eventful city has quirky city hall community meetings, a local candy factory called 'Sweetums' and most importantly, a local porn star called 'Brandi Maxxx' who has worked in over 11,000 films with hits that include the parody of Argo called as 'Our Goo'. I'd move there.

2) Fairview, Desperate Housewives

Wisteria Lane in the quaint little suburbia of Fairview looks like the ideal place to live, what with its posh houses and lush gardens. However, behind these manicured lawns and crisply cut bushes lies killer secrets (literally and figuratively). Each new day would unravel a new secret or a new scandal about your neighbours, ranging from murders to extramarital affairs to keeping someone in the basement. I imagine it would be guaranteed entertainment all year round.

3) Schitt's Creek, Schitt's Creek

Who wouldn't want to live in a town that has a celebration titled 'Asbestos Fest'? For a town that has only one bar, it is surprisingly eventful. With what feels like a population you could count on one hand, Schitt's Creek does not even meet the minimum quorum for creating two baseball teams. This town only has one real estate agent who also dons the hat of a wedding photographer as well as a municipal affairs officer. Despite being a town that government saw "absolutely no value in", Schitt's Creek is a brilliant place to stay for its wonderfully welcoming inhabitants and their sheer lack of judgement and prejudice. After all, the town's slogan is 'Where Everyone Fits In'.

4) Riverdale, Riverdale

My personal differences with the show aside, Riverdale, the town, is a scandalous mix of fashion, sex and hormones. It also has one of the best landscapes in terms of beautiful rivers and dark forests, not to mention it's suspiciously good looking inhabitants. From students and teachers to lawyers and contractors, everyone has impeccable physical traits that include chiselled jawlines and washboard abs. Add in all the murder, cringe-y relationships and immature kids, and you get a community that will no doubt keep you on your toes.

5) Springfield, The Simpsons

I don't think I need to say much on why anyone would love to stay in the same town as the whacky Simpsons family. Anything goes in Springfield, ranging from alien invasions to volcanic eruptions. It's simply never a dull moment. There's also something to be said about how adaptable the town is to literally any given situation and their ability to see the humour in anything and everything.

Other close contenders (and reasons for missing out):

Winden, Dark: Too much confusion in terms of people and getting their families right.

Hawkins, Stranger Things: Too many monsters.

Wayward Pines, Wayward Pines: Too many mysterious forces.

Twin Peaks, Twin Peaks: Too many supernatural forces.

Gotham City, Gotham: Too frequent destruction of public property

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