Filmmaker Satyanshu Singh is Back With His Annual Quiz ‘Cinema is Forever’

Calling all cinephiles to celebrate an evening of all things cinema on August 20
Filmmaker Satyanshu Singh is Back With His Annual Quiz ‘Cinema is Forever’

Are you a film buff itching to show off your knowledge? The annual fundraising quiz by award-winning filmmaker Satyanshu Singh, titled Cinema is Forever, might be the perfect place for you. Get together with other cinephiles for an evening of some robust competition and learning new trivia. The quiz, whose collected funds will go to the welfare of flood-affected areas in Assam, is powered by Tulsea and curated by Nexus Consulting. Read on for more details.

When is it? 

The quiz is scheduled for August 20, 2022, Saturday from 4 pm to 7 pm.

Is there a prize?

The winners take home prizes worth Rs 20,000.

What is the format?

This is a solo quiz and has two rounds — a preliminary round open to all and a final round for only the top eight. Quizmaster Venky, from Nexus Consulting, will test you with questions from Indian and World cinema.

How can I participate?

You can register and make a donation through this link. If you do not wish to participate, you can still make a donation to the cause using the same link.

What cause will I be supporting if I donate?

All the funds collected will go for the welfare of areas affected by the recent floods in Assam. The non-governmental organisation (NGo) Jeevan Shiksha is a grassroot-level organisation that has partnered with the quiz. Jeevan Shiksha works with local communites and other NGOs to provide relief and to make the communities self-sufficient in times of crisis. The NGO is currently hosting health camps in flood-affected regions while also supporting other NGOs to manage rations sent to the afflicted. Once the relief work is taken care of, they plan to work on multiple infrastructural initiatives such as building decentralised water reservoirs with the help of local communities and raising platforms in granaries to prevent them from spoiling during floods. To understand their reach and work, you can check them out here:

Here is a glimpse of the exciting event. Register to be a part of it!

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