8 Foreign-Language Thriller Series On Netflix That Are Well Worth Your Time 

Ranging in languages from Icelandic to Hebrew, here’s a list of eight great thriller shows on Netflix
8 Foreign-Language Thriller Series On Netflix That Are Well Worth Your Time 

Netflix has been a home to some of the most globally watched non-English language series that include NarcosMoney Heist, and German time-travel series Dark—thrilling works that validate what Parasite director Bong Joon Ho famously said in his Oscar acceptance speech about overcoming "the one-inch barrier of subtitles". Here are eight such shows on Netflix, all thrillers of some sort, ranging in languages from Icelandic to Hebrew.

Into The Night

(Language: Dutch/French)

Set in an apocalyptic world where the sun has started to radiate harmful rays, Into The Night follows the passengers aboard a flight from Brussels to Moscow who could very well be the last humans on the face of the earth. Their only means of survival is to keep flying towards the West in a race against time…and the sun. The six-episode series keeps you on the edge of your seat with a great cast, tight script and an inventive story.

The Woods

(Language: Polish)

An intriguing tale of family, friendship and fear from American mystery novelist Harlan Coben (whose earlier works include the series Safe and The Stranger, both of which are available on Netflix), The Woods revolves around a teenage summer camp in 1993 where two kids are murdered and two others go missing. 25 years later, fresh details of the case emerge. With surprising revelations in every episode, it's a good watch for any thriller enthusiast.

High Seas

(Language: Spanish)

A murder mystery set in the plush, stylish 1940s Spain, High Seas is also claustrophobic and tense. Set aboard a luxury cruise ship, it's about two sisters travelling from Spain to Rio De Janeiro whose secrets start to spill when mysterious deaths start to occur. It's a bit of a slow-burn but consistently engaging, with a Desperate-Housewives-meets-Murder-on-The-Orient-Express vibe.

The Valhalla Murders

(Language: Icelandic)

The first Icelandic series to feature on Netflix, this neo-noir follows a detective with a turbulent past who has been assigned the case of a serial killer that's taken Oslo by storm. The landscape of Iceland adds to the show's dark and moody atmosphere. While it plays out like a conventional police procedural, there is more than enough to keep you hooked through its eight episodes.

The Chalet

(Language: French)

Set in the charming interiors of France—shuttling between 1997 and 2017—the series follows a group of friends who gather at a chalet where things takes turn for the worse as dark secrets are revealed. With a talented cast and plot-twists, The Chalet is a story of deceit, jealousy and regret.

Tabula Rasa

(Language: Flemish) 

Mie has been diagnosed with retrograde amnesia, leaving her with only fragments of her memory after a horrible car accident. The mystery deepens when she is found to be a prime suspect in a case involving the disappearance of a man. A slow-burner, with some twists in store, Tabula Rasa is one of the best psychological thrillers on Netflix.


(Language: Hebrew / Arabic)

Fauda is a must-watch for people who like series' that have a global socio-political angle. Set in the backdrop of the violent and politically turbulent Israel, and the Gaza Strip, this series tells the story of an Israeli Army Commander and his mission to take down a terrorist. The story has been written by two ex-Israeli army officials, and the authenticity shows.


(Language: Icelandic)

The harsh winters, with its bleak skies, cold winds and less sunshine amplify this clever Scandinavian murder mystery set in a small little town with only three police personnel where a severed torso of a man is found. To add to the proceedings, a snowstorm hits the town and cuts off its only entry and exit points. Swiftly paced, Trapped makes for a good weekend binge-watch.

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