Who says learning can’t be fun? After our course on film criticism, Film Companion is back with another e-learning module where we dig deeper into all the things we love about movies and pop culture. Through these live online modules we get experts to give you the social, cultural and educational context to some of your most burning questions about entertainment.  

How did Salim-Javed create the Angry Young Man? How do you create a superhero? Are songs really essential to Indian storytelling? What is a love story in an Anurag Kashyap universe? 

Starting 29th August, join us on Saturdays for a fun and informative online class on music, writing and songs by our mentors – Karan Bali, Akshay Manwani, Abhijeet Kini, Aniruddho Chakraborty and Baradwaj Rangan. Each course costs Rs 499. If you sign up for the 4 course package, the cost is Rs 1500. Only limited seats are available so hurry!

Saturday Series-film companion


Topic: Songs and Storytelling | Karan Bali

Date: 29th August, 5th September

Time: 12-2 PM in August | 5-7pm In September

A journey from the coming of sound and music in Indian cinema to reaching its golden age in the 1950s and 1960s to present day trends.

Topic: Creating the Indian Superhero | Abhijeet  Kini, Aniruddho Chakroborty 

Date: 19th and 26th Sept

Time: Time: 12-1 PM

Listen, discuss and dissect the superhero genre, understand the comic book making process – and even create your own character.

Topic: Celebrating Salim-Javed | Akshay Manwani

Date:  24th and 31st October

Time: 12-2 pm

A deep dive into the works of Salim-Javed through their characters, plot techniques and storytelling.

Topic: Romance: The Anurag Kashyap Way | Baradwaj Rangan 

Date: 21st Nov, 28th Nov

Time: 12-2 PM

Anurag Kashyap deals with and showcases violence, but we will focus on how the director writes and creates a romantic universe.

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