TIFF 2023: Oscar Award Winner Guneet Monga Exclusive Interview With Sneha Menon Desai | Film Companion

Oscar Award Winner Guneet Monga in conversation with Sneha Menon Desai
Guneet Monga
Guneet Monga

Oscar Award-winning producer Guneet Monga speaks with Sneha Menon Desai at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) about her collaboration with Dharma Productions and Karan Johar, her journey post-Oscar win, and the lessons she's gleaned from her past experiences and personal losses.

She emphasizes the importance of instinct, networking, distribution, and perseverance in the film industry. Reflecting on her personal journey, Monga underscores the role of gratitude, spirituality, and legacy in her success and also acknowledges the unwavering support and love of her life partner.

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