FC Survey: When Will Audiences Be Ready To Enter A Movie Theatre?

A monthly survey by Film Companion on the changing world of movies
FC Survey: When Will Audiences Be Ready To Enter A Movie Theatre?

Over the past four months, the COVID-19 pandemic has irreversibly changed the entertainment business, not just in India, but across the world. For viewers, it has definitely changed the way we consume our movies. Theatres may be shut indefinitely, but we've possibly consumed more content than ever before from the comfort of our homes. This pattern has made stakeholders of the movie business nervous about what it might do to the future of community viewing.

To get a sense of what movie lovers are feeling, Film Companion took a quick survey to understand what the future of movies may look like in a post-pandemic world. Of the 1322 people who responded to the survey, 62.3 % were between 20-30 years of age and 16.7 % between 30-40 years.

The big question on the mind of every theatre owner and movie producer right now is – when will audiences be ready to enter a movie hall again? Interestingly, the responses to that were divided. The number of people that said they were ready to go right now if the safety protocols were in place and those who said they would prefer to wait for a vaccine were almost equal.

Over the past few months, theatre owners have expressed concern about theatres being unable to shoulder the financial losses that come with an indefinite closure and producers selling their movies directly to streaming platforms.

Should the theatres reopen, 60.3 % of the survey's respondents said that it needs to operate at only a half capacity to make them feel comfortable. While 16.3 % said that reduced ticket prices may prompt them to go back to theatres sooner.

One of the major life changes every movie lover can attest to is that the number of streaming platforms we subscribe to has increased. 55.7 % of our respondents said that they consumed Netflix the most during this period, followed by a 28.1 % that said Amazon Prime.

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