Dharanidharan’s Raja Ranguski: What Works, What Doesn’t

The film, starring Shirish and Chandini, is a passable murder mystery pepped up by an interesting final act
Dharanidharan’s Raja Ranguski: What Works, What Doesn’t

Raja Ranguski is a murder mystery directed by Dharanidharan and starring Shirish and Chandini in the lead roles.

Plot: Raja (Shirish), a young beat police constable, falls for Ranguski (Chandini), an aspiring crime novelist. She's a big fan of writer Sujatha, and even gets her name from his pen name. The story takes a serious turn after the murder of an elderly woman at a villa. The director teases us with many possible suspects, with the spotlight falling on Raja, his suspicious activities and peculiar traits. The final stretch of the film is packed with a couple of unexpected twists, bringing the mystery to a close.

What Works

  • Yuvan Shankar Raja understands the graph of the film and delivers a sound background score yet again. The film begins with the lovely melody 'Pattukutty'. He's the only big name in the film and leads from the front.
  • Young comedian 'Kalloori' Vinoth's casual, natural style brings in the laughs unfailingly. He scores the best, among all the performers.
  • Director Dharanidharan has not focused on just one or two main characters. The female characters (Chandini and Anupama Kumar) get good space and acquit themselves capably. Hero Shirish has the looks and is earnest within a limited set of expressions.
  • The main item of interest which serves as the motive of the crime is also quite interesting. The final 10-15 minutes definitely lifts the film.

What Doesn't

  • The romance track tests our patience despite the presence of a hit song. In general, the film doesn't really soar till the end.
  • The needless detour in the form of a dance number in the second half should've definitely been avoided.
  • The film would've clicked better with more established, proven actors (not necessarily stars).
  • Chandini's makeup is patchy. Blame it on the budget!

Final Word: Raja Ranguski is a passable murder mystery thriller. The final act is a definite saving grace.

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