Day 5 of Lockdown: Watching Netflix’s ‘Tiger King’ To Realise That People Are Crazy

Being stuck in closed places, with limited resources and unlimited time can strain even the deepest of relationships. No one can ever be prepared for such a time, and this is especially so when it comes to dealing with people in the family. For couples, who usually spend just half the day together, the lockdown will ensure spending every minute awake around each other. By now, every couple would have worked out imaginary boundaries, both spatially as well as figuratively, to ensure sanity and privacy within the available space. If you haven’t, then the ego starts playing its own set of mind games. Are the chores being divided equally? Who is responsible for the Wi-Fi slowing down? Who decides what to cook and what to eat? And, most importantly, who should eat the last bar of chocolate?

Day 5 of Lockdown: Netflix’s Tiger King Is Confirmation That People Are Crazy


Watching Netflix’s Tiger King at this juncture might be the absolute best decision to really put things into perspective and see how silly the ego can be. Tiger King is a seven-part documentary series about two massive ego maniacs and the damage it causes to people and animals on either side when these two people decide to battle it out till the end. More importantly, it traces the fall from grace of a rich gay zookeeper named Joe Exotic, who you wouldn’t believe is a real person unless you watch the show. He takes on Carole Baskin, an animal rights activist who wants to ensure people like Joe Exotic are punished for breeding exotic animals. What makes the show consistency fascinating is when we realise that Carole Baskin herself isn’t the angel whose side we would usually be nudged to take. 

Beyond the mega feud at the centre, the show slowly unravels a story of love, heartbreak, fame, drug abuse and, finally, betrayal, making it an absolutely crazy, single-sitting binge. Tiger King might just be the much-needed recommendation you need to realise how crazily we behave when we let our egos call the shots. It’s probably better to skip the bar of chocolate for peace.  

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