Chiyaan Vikram’s Saamy Square: What Works, What Doesn’t

Director Hari's film is a middling cop action entertainer, which pales in comparison to the first part in every way
Chiyaan Vikram’s Saamy Square: What Works, What Doesn’t

15 years after Saamy, its sequel, Saamy Square, arrived in theaters today. Chiyaan Vikram plays dual roles (father Aarusaamy and son Raamsaamy) in the film, reuniting with director Hari, 14 years after Arul. Aishwarya Rajesh features in an extended cameo, taking over Trisha's role from the first part, while Keerthy Suresh is the leading lady paired with the younger Vikram.

Plot: While the first part was about the face-off between Aarusaamy and Perumaal Pitchai, the second pits their sons (Raamsaamy and Raavana Pitchai) against each other. Raavana Pitchai has two elder brothers, making it tougher for the hero. The film is a typical Hari-styled loud, over-the-top, unabashed 'cop vs. villains' story with a personal revenge angle. We also get some supernatural elements to add more power and rage to Raamsaamy's character.

What Works

  • This is a Chiyaan Vikram one-man show, all the way. It's remarkable to see this 52-year-old star and his impeccable onscreen demeanor. The subtle changes in Aarusaamy and Raamsaamy can only be pulled off by a proven star-actor like him. Performance-wise, he has to be mostly loud and aggressive, but his majestic screen presence in khaki is a sight to behold. And, he aces the numerous action sequences.
  • The film has been shot on a grand scale and the climax action stretch in the deserts of Rajasthan is particularly eye-catching. You have to tolerate Hari's style of hyper film-making all through though.
  • The interval block, when Raamsaamy IPS arrives in Tirunelveli to take charge, is an example of what Hari can do with a powerful mass hero spewing punchlines. The second half in Tirunelveli is far better compared to the largely drab first half in New Delhi.
  • A lot of the actors from the first part return, along with the other Hari regulars. However, it's only Uma Riyaz Khan who makes some sort of an impression.

What Doesn't

  • Soori's comedy is highly annoying, to put it mildly. In stark contrast, Vivek's comedy bits from the first half, which were infused with social messages, are highly popular on comedy channels till date.
  • The romance between Vikram and Keerthy Suresh is another irritant. Again, his equation with Trisha in the first part was far better.
  • Devi Sri Prasad's farcical background score (with rhyming lines likes Shaktiman, Superman, Spiderman, Pokemon etc. for Soori's scenes) only makes things worse. Even his romantic songs are no match for Harris Jayaraj's evergreen chartbusters from the first part. 'Darnakka' is the only song which works in Saamy Square.
  • Hari could've done a lot more with Vikram's screen presence and mass appeal. He hasn't given enough fodder to this robust hero.
  • The hero-centric nature of the film makes the heroines redundant. The villains (led by Bobby Simhaa) are the ever-angry, one-note kind, with no finesse or subtlety. Though this is how it is in all of Hari's films, it just doesn't work here.

Final Word: Watch Saamy Square just for Chiyaan Vikram. It pales in comparison to the first part in every aspect, but on a standalone basis, it's a middling cop action entertainer.

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