FC Book Reco Of The Week: Mini Mathur, Film Companion

While binge-watching seems to be the go-to activity in lockdown, many have looked to books for comfort and distraction. As part of our new series, we asked actors and creators about their favourite books and what they’re reading. This week, we asked Mini Mathur to recommend her favourite books.

The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

“I enjoy nonfiction books because there are a lot of competing fiction books out there. What I really love and go back to is The Little Prince and Oprah’s book What I Know For Sure. I love the way it’s written. It’s just anecdotes and learnings from her life and her life experience. I can open it from any page and start reading and I enjoy it. Another book I read lately which I chuckled through was Mindy Kaling’s bestseller Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? Of course we’ve seen her as a screenwriter but that this is a good one to pick up.”

You can get The Little Prince on Amazon here.

You can get What I Know For Sure On Amazon here.

You can get Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? on Amazon here.


And here’s what Team Film Companion recommends:

Sahir – The People’s Poet by Akshay Manwani

It’s a thoroughly researched exploration of one of Hindi cinema’s greatest lyricists.  It takes you into the mind of the great poet and also allows you to revisit your favourite songs! – Anupama Chopra

You can get the book on Amazon here.

Born a CrimeBorn a Crime: Stories from a South African Childhood by Trevor Noah 

Comedian Trevor Noah’s memoir offers an insight into a very unique predicament – growing up as a coloured person in post-Apartheid South Africa. When you’re neither black nor white you’re an outlier everywhere – in your neighbourhood, in school, and at times even in your own home. Noah beautifully explains the nuances of race, colour and language and how it defined him whether he liked it or not. This book also deserves to read for Noah’s mother – a fierce and god-fearing single parent who gave him the best in the most trying circumstances. This is a story of real triumph!

You can get the book on Amazon here.


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