Bollywood celebs favourite apps

In a world driven by screens, the apps on your phone can often be an indicator of how you live your life and what your interests are. That in mind, we asked a number of actors, comedians and writers what their favourite phone apps are. Those that they can’t function without, which help them run their hectic lives or else are just plain fun and addictive. From an app that helps you identify constellations in the sky, to one dedicated to reminding you to drink water, here’s what they chose:

Zakir Khan – Grammar Checker

The most unique app on my phone is about checking grammar and spellings so that when I post something or when I’m sending a message to someone important, I don’t make small silly mistakes. It’s not exactly unique in the world, but it’s unique to my circle of friends.

Zakir Khan Favourite App

Ayushmann Khurrana – GuitarTuna, Tanpura, SkyView

I have three unique apps on my phone. One is a guitar tuner app, the second is Tanpura where I do my vocal training and number 3 is SkyView, a stargazing app. You get to know the position of the stars! It’s very trippy!

Kaneez Surka – My Tracker

The most unique app on my phone is called My Tracker, which tracks my periods. It’s changed my life!

Ayushmann Khurrana Favourite App

Kenny Sebastian – SkyView

I have an app called SkyView which is really cool. You point to the sky and it shows you which constellation it is. It’s great for using once and never opening again.

Sunny Leone – WebMD Baby

As a mom, the most unique app I have on my phone is WebMD Baby. So for all the mother’s out there – you put in the date of birth of your baby and all information about your baby’s age and what they should be doing, their development, things for mommy, for daddy, all these things start popping up. Like today is ‘disciplining your toddler’, which is a very good article. The next one is ‘the crazy things that toddlers do’. ‘When parenting styles differ’, that’s a big one. This is my go-to app when I need to get information about my children.

Rakul Preet Singh – MyFitnessPal, Chronometer

The most unique app that I have on my phone is MyFitnessPal which helps me check my calories and macros of how much protein, carbs and fat I am eating in a day. I know it can sound a little psycho and obsessive but that’s how I am when it comes to food. I’ve also got Chronometer which is similar but also checks the Indian food calories very well.

Rakul Preet Singh Favourite App

Kanika Dhillon – Daily Water: Drink Reminder

The app that I have on my phone, which is really interesting is the drinking water app. It reminds me to have eight glasses of water every day. It has an alarm of the sound of water going into a glass, which apparently should incite me to quickly look for water and gulp it down.

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