Top 5 Shows You Should Stream Now, Film Companion

There’s too much much to watch on TV, and too little time. We’ll try making your life easier by narrowing down the top 5 shows of April you absolutely cannot miss. So here’s a lowdown of what’s streaming and where, and some of the best shows from every genre.

5. The Last Man On Earth S04 (Hotstar)

All the post-apocalyptic worlds that have ever been made on television are usually dark, depressing, dystopian, just pointless after a point, or in the case of The Walking Dead, all of them. But The Last Man on Earth is that delightful outlier that makes you give the whole genre a pass. Because the quirky, hilarious and ridiculously heartwarming characters led by Will Forte aren’t trying to save the world or even survive it, they are just trying to find a way to go on.. and have a little bit of fun at each other’s expense while at it. It’s also got the best cameos EVER.

4. Money Heist S02 (Netflix)

It’s taken a while for it to get discovered by people at large, but the Spanish language series La Casa De Papel or Money Heist is finally being recognised as one of the most campily entertaining binge watches in recent times. The series is like Ocean’s 11 but with eight robbers who enter the Royal Mint of Spain in broad daylight to carry out the biggest heist of all time, except that their Danny Ocean, or the Professor, is handling the operation and police negotiations from the outside. Though there’s no Brad Pitt here, the sexy Ursula Corbero more than makes up for it.

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3. Homeland S07 (Hotstar)

I have no idea how it happened, but sometime last year, after sucking for a LONG time, Homeland became brilliant. Perhaps it’s that the series is best when, instead of trying to fight global terrorism with some very Islamophobic writing, it takes a look inwards. Seven 7 is a fantastic continuation of last season, a post truth world where America is heavily divided not just by forces outside but because of the intolerant right and left inside. That season finale is the answer to America’s problem!

2. Trust (Hotstar)

My favourite new show of the year, Trust is a thrilling, entertaining and cinematic blend of the dysfunctional American family saga with plucky British charm. Written by Slumdog Millionaire writer Simon Beaufoy, partially directed and executive produced by legend Danny Boyle, the series narrates the real life story of the kidnapping of American oil baron John Paul Getty’s grandson that’s stranger and crazier than fiction. In a cast including Donald Sutherland and Hilary Swank, it’s the all new and awesome Brendan Fraser who stands out!

1. The Looming Tower (Amazon Prime)

I have written a whole article on this show last month that you should check out HERE, and it’s no surprise that this is my number 1 show of April, and will probably be among my top shows of the year. The fact that a show that puts the onus of 9/11 just as much on America as it does on Osama Bin Laden is allowed to exist, and air in present-day America is itself an achievement, and then for it to empathise with the good Muslim who’s caught up in this unnecessary hate, is pretty much Emmy-Award winning stuff. Watch it already. Also, Taham Rahim, please be in everything.


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